Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Veja Nova Trainers Review

Veja trainers seem to be absolutely everywhere at the moment, and for once, this is a trend that I find myself getting 100% behind. The brand Veja are helping to make sustainability cool. No longer are the days where sustainability is synonymous with hemp clothing or making your clothes out of old curtains. Instead the term has been given a whole new lease of life thanks to brands like Veja proving that you can have fashion without compromising your morals.
This hype surrounding Veja is all well and good, but are they more than just a few buzz words? So, on behalf of all fashion lovers, I have taken the plunge and jumped right into a pair of Veja Nova Canvas trainers!

Who are Veja?

So I have realised that not everyone knows what exactly these trainers are and why they are so special. Basically the company prides itself on its transparency. It claims to provide the workers who make the trainers with a fair wage and ethical working conditions. In addition to this, they use materials which are all ecological, such as wild rubber, sourced from the Amazon rain forest, organic cotton, and recycled plastic bottles to create part of the soles of the trainers. All of this equates to what has been hailed as the most sustainable trainers on the planet!

The Choice

Veja offer a wide range of shoes for you to choose from, ranging from leather, vegan leather, to canvas. You have a lot of choice. The styles are all classic and are far from what I would describe as a 'trend' item because of their timeless look. I personally chose to go with a pair of canvas trainers because I don't currently own a pair, and I liked that they were vegan friendly. After choosing a style, I was left with the task of choosing a colourway. I know, a bit of a standard Erin choice, but I went with the burgundy because I find that it works with most of my wardrobe which I already own.
They are available from most places now, I bought mine from Net-A-Porter.


After wearing these for about six months, I have found these to be so incredibly comfortable! I have had absolutely no problems in regard to blisters, rubbing, or anything of the sorts. They have fit me really well, as a true size 4. I have walked all around Stratford exploring the land of Shakespeare and Warwick Castle in them and found them to be just as comfy at the end of the day as I did at the start!
The shoes have held up really well against rain and bad weather, never letting any water in, which my feet were very grateful in to say the least, but I did notice that there was some dye transfer from the red onto my laces and slightly around the eyelets, which is a tad concerning but I will just waterproof them again as the website suggests and see if this sorts the issue.

My Issues

Unfortunately, over the course of the six moths that I have had these trainers, I have had a few issues. Firstly, the issue regarding the red dye transfer, I tried to clean this several times, but have never been able to quite get rid of this staining fully. It isn't terribly noticeable from far away, but it does bother me, especially because of the price of the trainers. Another issue that I had this week is the laces in the trainers breaking, I realise that this isn't a major issue, but again, for trainers at this price, I did expect a little bit better quality.

The Final Verdict

Basically, since I bought them, they haven't really been off my feet. They work with every outfit I own, whether they be to dress down a pair of work trousers, or to wear with a basic outfit. I really love the detail of the red V on the sides, because it adds a really nice touch to the overall look and makes them a bit more distinctive. These truly are a great pair of trainers and I do recommend them. They are comfy, durable, and look great! There are some issues which bother me such as the staining and the laces breaking, neither are massive problems or enough to stop me loving the trainers, but they are enough to make me question whether I would buy another pair.

For more information and stockists, check out the Veja website here!

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