Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Vegan in the City: Frost Burgers (Liverpool)

I, like most other people, do enjoy a good burger. But sometimes as a vegan you can be a bit forgotten about when it comes to them, and be left with what can only be described as lack luster, mushy, and tasteless. So, when I heard about Frost Burgers opening in Liverpool, I was intrigued to say the least.

So what is Frost I hear you ask? Well, it is an entirely vegan burger place opened only in November 2018 by social media star Monami Frost, to absolute rave reviews. The menu is entirely plant based, with gluten free options available so everyone can enjoy these delicious treats. The menu is pretty small, but, it does it incredibly well. To be honest, there is certainly enough combinations to keep you going for a while, especially when you consider the amount of amazing sauces there are to try as well! The prices for the meals are pretty reasonable, with the meal deal of, fries, sauce, a burger, and a drink come in at under £10, but I'm going to be real, you will not want to have a standard can of cola when you see the milkshakes!

The No Chicken Burgers are pretty amazing, and you really couldn't tell the difference between this and an actual chicken burger. This was a hefty burger, packed full of lettuce, tomato, cucumbers and all the amazing stuff which you would expect on a chicken burger, and as a result of such, I really did struggle to fit in my mouth... But perseverance paid off and it was so worth it!
Now, I normally find vegan cheese to be completely intolerable, and I'm always quite grateful that I was never much of a cheese fan to begin with, but this was actually quite pleasant indeed, mainly because there were so many other delicious flavours going on that it was only really in the background, but still! The fries were equally as delicious, crispy and salty, just as you would expect and want in some good fries. I really loved that you got to pick which sauce you wanted from a decent sized list, and would whole hearted recommend that you try the Sriracha Mayo, because it is pretty life changing! Don't judge me for such a statement until you have tried it, because then you will understand!

Now, onto the crowning glory that is, the milkshake! I often find that vegan milkshakes tend to be a bit meh, with them basically being nothing more than flavoured milk, and having that undeniably vegan flavour about them. But these were nothing of the sort, these were thick with ice cream, full of flavour, and pretty much impossible to tell they weren't your typical delicious milkshake!

I'm a bit disappointed that I was too full to try the soft serve ice cream or the cookie, but I shall certainly be back again to sample the whole menu!

So give it a go and try the amazing Frost Burgers, you really won't regret it!

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