Monday, 17 September 2018

Vegan in the City: The Nakery (Liverpool)

I am such a massive fan of supporting local business. You feel as though when you buy something, you actually are making a meaningful connection rather than lining the pockets of some faceless conglomerate So, with this little blog series of mine, 'Vegan in the City', I am aiming to showcase local businesses and just how amazing they can be. So, I feel as though a blog series about vegan friendly places in Liverpool would not be complete without showcasing the incredible and much loved, 'The Nakery'.

Now, if you are from Liverpool, then you will most likely be aware of the hype surrounding the now famous Nakery, the vegan bakery specialising in raw vegan 'naked' cakes, with all of their products being gluten, refined sugar, and dairy free! The Nakery was started over two years ago by the young and inspiring business woman that is Natalie Shilton when she had a vision to start something special within the city and bring something new to both the metaphorical and literal table! The Nakery has gone from strength to strength since starting and it is ultimately down to the incredible hard work from their small but dedicated team, with them now providing their products to several vendors in Merseyside, and having their own stall seven days a week at the Red Brick Hangar in Liverpool's Baltic Triangle. 

I've given you all of the boring albeit important details about The Nakery, I shall get onto the information which everyone really wants to know, how does it taste? The simple and quick answer to this is blooming amazing! But I suppose that that isn't really much use to anyone, so, without further ado onto the review!

Cake Jars

The jars are quite easily my favourite thing to buy from The Nakery, coming in a delicious and tempting variety of flavours, from the original Peanut Butter, to the oh so indulgent Banoffee. They arrive in a mason jar (so perfect for that Instagram aesthetic), making them ideal to eat on the go, or maybe even half now and half later, not that I have ever managed to resist eating a whole one in one go mind...
The jars are layered so that you get a a slightly different flavour sensation with each mouthful and never become bored of the texture. You have the smooth cashew cream which is beautifully flavoured according to the jar, working alongside the crunchy, chewy and decadent brownie/cookie mix which is swirled throughout. 
These jars are simply indulgence at their finest but without any of the guilt! This is due to them (like everything from The Nakery) being made with high quality, all natural ingredients. The jars are super filling and because of this, I love to have them for breakfast when I am anticipating a long day of work or studying. They keep my energy levels constant and the hunger at bay, allowing me to work for hours without interruption from my rumbling stomach! 

The Banoffee jar is simply divine, with the gorgeous addition of the caramel sauce, which you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between that and the standard non vegan version, is completely and utterly delicious! Smooth and luxurious, with the balance of sweet and salty perfectly balance to create a taste sensation, against the nutty flavour of the cookie crumble layered throughout. 


Sometimes, on rare occasions, you only fancy a light bite, or want to try a bit of everything. The Nakery Mini's are absolutely perfect for this, because you can pick yourself any four from the massive selection for just £12! The PB&J bar is seriously something else, and there is a reason that this is one of their best sellers. The jam is tart with a bit of a bite to it, and works beautifully to cut through the earthy and stodgy deliciousness of the peanut butter and chocolate coating. 
I am also a massive fan of the Vegan Coffee Toffee Power Balls! These are amazing to have as a mid morning snack to keep you going until lunch time. Like everything else, the flavour is incredible, magicalically moreish, whilst somehow satisfying. I don't know how Nat does it, but she is a culinary genius and has really changed the face of vegan food in Liverpool. 

So if you have yet to visit The Nakery, then what are you waiting for?!? 
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