Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Vegan in the City

So I spend what is arguably a ridiculous amount of time hunting for places which are not only vegan friendly, but actually have food which I want to eat. I mean, it’s all well and good boasting that your restaurant is vegan friendly, but when your only vegan options is a bland vegetable curry or a browning avocado salad, I’m obviously not going to be all that impressed.

Now, I’m not saying that there is anything particularly wrong with a salad or a curry (when done well), but when they are added as a half arsed afterthought with some pitiful browning lettuce leaves and a slice of avocado, I have an issue. This frustration is further exacerbated when they decide to charge me exactly the same as meaty meal which consists of a burger, chips, and a side salad (which somehow looks significantly fresher than mine?)
Anyway, after my rather superfluous tirade, I think that I need to explain what the purpose of this was. So basically, I want to provide a little guide of my own, for both anyone reading my blog, and for myself to refer back to, acknowledging places in Liverpool (and anywhere I may travel to) assessing different restaurants,, giving them a review and a bit of a vegan evaluation of sorts.

This will be on a range of places, from specifically vegan, to ones which simply have vegan options. I love to try new places, but it can sometimes be really difficult to assess what is going to be available to eat or if it is even going to be particularly nice.
I’m going to try and go into each establishment with an open mind, no prejudices, and try to get a holistic idea of the place.
I shall have several criteria to consider so as to keep it consistent. These shall be,

Vegan Range
Food quality
Overall experience

I would love for anyone to get in touch if they either have any recommendations or if they simply have somewhere that you want to know more about just drop me a message and I will try and visit ASAP and get it added!

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