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inecto Naturals Coconut Hair Oil and Hair Mask Review

During the summer, and especially during this unexpected British heatwave, we all know how important it is to wear sun cream to prevent our skin from damage. We apply various creams, moisturisers, masks, and treatments to our faces, so why do we forget to look after our hair beyond putting some shampoo or conditioner on it? This can leave hair feeling so dull and dry during the intense heat, I've even noticed my dark brown hair developing more golden streaks in it!

Now, I am just as guilty as almost everyone else of neglecting their hair. Making excuses like it is too much effort, or that it is too expensive. But since discovering inecto Naturals and their Coconut range, these excuses are no longer valid. The inecto Naturals Coconut range is available for under £5!
The Coconut range is aimed at those with drier hair, but if I'm honest, this is great for anyone who wants their hair to look nourished and to shine. Strengthening it from the inside out. Like most inecto Naturals products, these can be used alone or in conjunction with one another. So, without further delay, on to the review.

Divine Shine Hair Oil

Smooth and style parched hair and make it look super glossy with this nourishing hair oil infused with pure organic Coconut Oil. Your hair will smell gorgeous too!

This has to be my favourite product in this whole range. It is ridiculously easy to use, simply applying a pump or two to damp hair before blow drying it. The application of heat to your hair helps it get fully absorbed into the hair itself and work its magic. After just one application there was a noticeable difference to my hair and how it felt. It developed a shine to it, which made it look as though I had gone and had it blow dried at the salon, rather than me washing it at home. And, as a girl with curly hair, brushing it can be an absolute nightmare. Knots upon knots, and what was briefly beautiful curls have turned into Medusa's unruly mane. This is such a simple product to use, but the difference it makes is massive. 

I find with oils that it can have a tendency to weigh my hair down, but this is really light and breathes some much needed life into my hair!
The smell, like everything from this range, is simply beautiful. So fresh and natural, most likely from the ingredients being 90% natural, completely vegan, cruelty free, and paraben free!

Coming in at 100ml, this would be absolutely perfect to take away on holiday with you to keep your hair feeling as healthy as possible in the sunshine! Protecting it from damage and dryness, an unfortunate side effect of such glorious weather. 

Intensive Conditioning Hair Treatment

Give your dry and frizz-prone hair a boost with this super rich and incredibly hydrating treatment. Infused with pure organic Coconut Oil, your hair will left feeling healthier and looking so much softer.

I'm not entirely sure if I have ever used a hair mask before, because I always worry that it will leave my hair feeling greasy or irritating my scalp. But after noticing that my hair has been a little frizzier than usual the last couple of weeks (humidity what you doing to me?!),  I thought, why not! 
I read the instructions and they were straight forward enough. Wash your hair as normal and lightly towel dry it, then generously apply through your hair and leave for about five minutes. So I did just that. I popped a song on which lasted about that length of time and when it was done, just wash it off with warm water and dry as normal. I personally enjoy adding a little amount of the Hair Oil as well to really nourish and pamper my hair!

I feel as though I've been going on about the fragrance, but it has to be smelled to be believed just how beautiful it is. It really puts me in the holiday mood, even when we have a duller or rainy day.

After one use I have noticed a tangible difference in my hair. It feels healthier and there is definitely more of a shine and less of a frizzy feeling to it. And it sounds ridiculous, but things like having a good hair day can have a powerful effect upon your mood and your confidence. 

So I shall leave the link to my previous blog post on inecto HERE for you to have a read of if you haven't already. 
And a link to their website HERE if you want to find out more!

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