Wednesday, 4 July 2018

inecto Naturals Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to make a more conscious effort regarding the toiletries and cosmetics that I purchase, to ensure that they are cruelty free. This however I have found to be surprisingly difficult! With products either being ridiculously expensive or only being available in certain obscure health food stores. This can be incredibly frustrating when you want to do your bit for the animals and the planet, but sometimes you just don't have £12 to spend on a tiny bottle of shampoo!
So, this is where inecto Naturals Coconut comes into the equation. If you haven't heard of them before, then I shall provide a brief over view of the company, along with a link to their website in case you want to find out more or see their entire product range! (Click here for the link)

inecto Naturals are a British based company which are proud to create vegan friendly, cruelty free, and paraben free. They are known for their body-celebrating hair and skincare products that are truly inspired by nature.They celebrate the power of nature with up to 90% of their ingredients in all of their products being from natural sources, promising no nasties or unpleasant chemicals. 

I absolutely love how proud they are as a company about these aspects. But, all of these claims are well and good, but do the products live up to expectations? So, without further ado, I best get onto the review!


I am a massive fan of all things coconut, so it isn't any surprise that the sweet scent of the  inecto Naturals Coconut range completely drew me in from the first sniff! The scent is really lovely, super fresh, exceptionally natural, and surprisingly long lasting. I find that some shampoos, especially more natural ones tend to have quite a weak smell, I presume it must have something to do with there being less chemicals in it to create an artificial and long lasting scent, but inecto Naturals Coconut seem to have overcome this problem by creating a beautifully fragranced Shampoo and Conditioner which still smells as good at the end of the day as it did when you first washed it. The scent immediately made me think of summer, and days on the beach. I love how evocative a scent can be, and I think that this fragrance really encapsulates summer to me! 

The shampoo and conditioner can work as stand alone products, but I would recommend using them together. They compliment each other really well, intensifying the scent and allowing your hair to soak up all the goodness, totally revitalising it. The coconut range is designed for those with dry hair. I personally wouldn't say that I have particularly dry hair, but despite this, it has worked absolute miracles. It has tamed the frizz, and made my unruly locks feel like satin. After just one use I received so many compliments about my hair, to the point where I was a little taken aback by the amount people commenting on it. 

My hair is pretty curly so I find it difficult to find a product which both makes it look shiny and healthy without weighing down the curls. Yet somehow Inecto seem to have formulated a range which does just that, without costing an absolute fortune! 

Now, how much do I use? I'm going to be honest, I get a bit carried away with shampooing and conditioning my hair, clearly still thinking that my hair goes all the way down my back, rather than just grazing my shoulders as it does now. I probably use about a 50p sized amount for shampoo, and probably what I can only define as, a generous amount, for the conditioner and I try to leave both on for a few minutes to allow my hair to completely absorb the benefits.

So, overall, I would say that the inecto Naturals Coconut shampoo and conditioner are absolutely amazing. They are such a bargain and work just as well if not better than a lot of other high end brands which I have tried. They are truly passionate about what they do, and causing as little harm to the environment as possible by ensuring that they are vegan, cruelty free, and paraben free! 

If you would like to find out more information about the brand, or their complete product range, then click HERE to go to their website.

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