Thursday, 7 June 2018

Summer Body Ready?

Summer is well and truly in full swing in the UK, and all I want to wear is light floaty fabrics which keep me covered but still cool. With anything else I would feel restricted and just down right uncomfortable in this sticky heat. I love ditching tight skinny jeans for something a bit different like my new favourite wide leg cropped jeans from Topshop (only £25 on offer right now, thank me later), with a basic cotton t shirt. Effortless, simple, and cool. My motto for summer! 

But Summer can come with a lot of added and unnecessary anxiety from the dreaded concept of the phrase, 'Bikini Body Ready'. I'm going to be honest, I have never felt even remotely ready for such a concept, with each year the goal becoming even more unachievable, the media changing the goal post as to what is 'perfect' or what we should aspire to. Every magazine revealing the secrets to looking perfect and losing fat fast, in what is often a dangerous or impossible diet!
Each year we are presented with a new ideal, one time it is to have a washboard stomach, the next is to be curvier than Beyonce. To have the bum to rival all others, whilst having the flattest stomach. Nobody will ever be able to consistently achieve these ever changing ideals. 
I felt convinced this morning that I would be filled with confidence as I went shopping for summer clothes as I have a few city breaks planned and possibly a week enjoying the sunshine on the beach, so jeans probably won't be my best option. So I went, full of hope and optimism at buying some shorts, some cami tops, and maybe a swimming cossy or two. This optimism took a nose dive as soon as I entered the holiday section of the shop.

I couldn't help but think, why is everything so short? Why is it all so tight? This just isn't for me. My mum kept picking up cossies, suggesting them to me, but the mere thought of putting any on my body terrified me. I managed to get to the till with a pretty one piece suit and a lovely little cover up, but at the last second I just couldn't bring myself to buy it. That little voice in the back of my head saying, you can't wear that, you haven't got the body for it. You will look a state. It is that all too familiar annoying voice which always make me feel like absolute rubbish. It kills my confidence and makes me want to stay at home rather than go out and enjoy the sunshine because I don't have the right to feel good in a pair of shorts.
But how absurd is this? Who on earth doesn't have the right to wear a pair of shorts? What would actually qualify someone to be allowed to wear shorts? 

It is hard to feel good about yourself in a world where everywhere you look you are being told that you are inadequate because of the size of your thighs. I am so guilty of succumbing to the pressures and letting it control how I feel. Last year I let these feelings of inadequacy ruin my summer. I wore layers to cover up, and as a result was horrifically uncomfortable in the heat, rather than wearing something that would actually be pleasant! 
I've realised that this has very little to do with the clothes, but rather with what is going on in my head. The size of my thighs or the width of my hips have nothing to do with how good I feel on the inside and I think that this is true for so many people. Happiness comes from acceptance and appreciation of the body you are in, no matter how it looks. Embracing your quirks and features which make you unique. Looking after yourself and making yourself feel good with a bit of self care. So you know what dear reader, I bought the shorts. 

So enjoy your Summer, and most importantly, enjoy your body!

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