Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Hero Project: Hand Rehab

For a culture so obsessed with skin care, we so often forget to look after our hands. Our poor hands which are put through the ringer every single day. May it be hammering away at the keys, plunging them in water, or just general day to day wear and tear. But our hands deserve looking after too! So how exactly should we go about this? Well, my friends, you need look no further, as I have found a potential solution to this in the form of, The Hero Project's Diamond Dusted Hand Rehab.

This is hand cream at its finest, made for luxurious pampering and keeping your hands looking as good as you feel. I am a bit obsessed right now with SPF so I absolutely love that this is more than just a standard hand cream, but also protecting them from the sun with SPF 20. Sun damage is a major issue, which can cause premature ageing and even cancer, so it is important to take this seriously. Often our hands are neglected when it comes to sun protection, but they need just as much protection from the sun as our faces and the rest of our bodies. 

Hand creams, especially those with any form of SPF often feel super heavy and greasy, never actually soaking in and making it impossible to actually do anything. Thankfully Hand Rehab doesn't feel like this at all! It is quite a thick cream but this definitely works to its advantage because it adds to the overall feel of luxury, especially because of how quickly it soaks into the skin.
The cream smells simply amazing. The aloe vera scent is quite subtle and smells really fresh and reminds me of spring for some reason. A beautiful light fragrance which you can't help but smile at.

This works well for both young and older skin, providing moisture and a bit of love to neglected hands. I love to use this throughout the day, topping it up whenever my hands start feeling a little dry or in need of TLC. My Mum has recently started using it after hearing me rave about it so much, and she has become a total convert and we find ourselves fighting for who gets to take it with them to work, clearly the best solution is to get my mum her own... 

The addition of diamond dust is simply genius! It is not just a fancy ingredient but an active one which does your hands, especially your nails, a lot of good. It hardens soft nails helps to strengthen them. This is especially good if you wear false nails or have gel nails. 

This makes such a lovely present for someone because it comes in a beautiful little presentation box. It really is the touches and details like this which make this a special product. It a great size to just pop in your bag, and doesn't take up much room, I am normally a little nervy about putting any liquid or cream product in my bag incase of spillages, but I do not have this fear with my Hand Rehab because of its screw top which stays secure! 
The packaging is simply stunning and I cannot compliment it enough. The whole aesthetic and image behind The Hero Project is absolutely perfect and I love the tone of voice they use on their descriptions. It feels fun and approachable and truly genuine, something which sets itself apart from many brands at the moment and I just love it. 

Click HERE if you want to get your own Hand Rehab. 

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