Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Hero Project: Undo Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

Now, I'm all about brands coming out with cruelty free and vegan products, but sometimes it takes extensive research and a lot of hearsay to find out whether a brand is indeed cruelty free and vegan, so you can imagine that companies which actually boast about this, are hot on my radar!
I was desperate for some new skin care, because I was coming to the end of quite a few of my staple product, and so enters, The Hero Project!

The Hero Project has quite a brilliant and unique stance when it comes to beauty. The focus on high quality products which do exactly what they say, no gimmicks, no nonsense, and absolutely no rubbish in them! Their website mirrors these views and I couldn't help but smile whilst reading such a refreshing and honest philosophy on beauty.

Now, let's take a minute to talk about this packaging guys, because oh my goodness, it is blooming gorgeous! I love how simple and minimalist it is. It feels really expensive and really fits in with the brands overall aesthetic: simplicity done beautifully. Everything feels really sturdy and of a good quality, so, without further ado, shall I get on to the review?

I wear waterproof mascara almost daily, and also struggle to actually remove it almost daily. My routine normally requires using a face wash, and miscella water and even then there is normally still some stubborn mascara which just won't budge! So I am always willing to try something which promises to actually remove it all and not leave my eyes stinging and sore.

"Undo™ truly is your ‘no faff’ waterproof makeup remover. The softening chamomile and cornflower have been carefully plucked from nature to help soothe and nourish your eyelashes and the delicate eye area. Of course, one of our fave ingredients is also present: hyaluronic acid hydrates and conditions without the unpleasant greasiness you may find with other removers."

I decided to to give this a proper test run, not just waterproof mascara, but a pretty hefty amount of liquid eyeliner, and some (a lot) of kohl eyeliner pencil smudged out. I expected it to be all over my face as normally happens after I remove eye makeup, however, I was pretty darn shocked when all I had to do was soak the cotton pad with the Undo, place it over my eye for a couple of seconds and swipe! I then quickly flipped the pad and gave it another quick wipe and it was all gone! I was shook, genuinely shook. I have never used an eye makeup remover which was so effective and left my eyes feeling refreshed and soft! I had to make sure that this wasn't just a flook, so I did the exact same on the other eye and again, all of the makeup was removed and my eyes were feeling incredible!

I absolutely love this makeup remover and it is definitely my new go to product! at £16 I think that this is reasonable and you really are paying for the quality here, it does the job and a lot more, leaving your skin feeling great afterwards with no dry or sore patches from trying to scrub off your eyeliner!

Here is a little before and after shot.

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