Saturday, 28 April 2018

Beat the Rushower: A Soap & Glory Review

So, picture this, you've had a late night. You've been out having a little catch up which subsequently turned into a bit of an all nighter and you haven't had a chance to  wash your hair. It isn't looking as fresh as it did the night before and that vanilla shampoo smell has faded. What do you do?

Well, until recently my solution would be to throw a hat on and hope for the best...  that was however until I discovered the Soap & Glory Rushower Dry Shampoo!
Now, I am aware that there are a fair few dry shampoo's available and on the market right now, which all do the job more or less, so what sets this one apart?

If I'm honest, I think that it has to be the absolutely gorgeous signature Pink scent of rose and bergamot. Because of the touch release technology, the scent last all day and a quick ruffle of your hair gives you a fresh blast of fragrance as though you've just sprayed it!
The scent isn't too strong or overpowering, as some dry shampoo can definitely be, nearly choking you with how strong the fragrance is. Instead this is light and floral, as though your hair is perfumed.

It is so quick and easy to use, just spritz, ruffle and go! I have really dark hair naturally, and find that many dry shampoos leave an awful white residue in my hair- which I never seem to notice until someone points it out several hours later. But this seems to blend in really well, it may take a bit of working in the fringe area because of there being less hair, but it does leave my hair looking as though it has been freshly washed, rather than being on day two...

This is definitely going to be my new go-to dry shampoo, and I love that it is a good size, yet slim enough that I can fit is in most of my bags to keep with me on the go. It is perfect for using when you are going to uni for some long study sessions in the library, when you don't quite want to wash your hair, but you still want to feel good about yourself, and confident!
A perfect staple for everyone, with it working with all hair colours!

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