Tuesday, 6 March 2018

The Righteous Butter: Soap & Glory

The weather may be suggesting otherwise, but Spring is rapidly approaching, so who can blame me for going in search of the perfect all round body butter? One which leaves your skin feeling hydrated but not greasy, nourishing without taking hours to dry, thus making it absolutely impossible to get your jeans on! But alas, I have found the solution in the form of the beautifully packaged Righteous Butter from Soap & Glory. 
I'm not going to pretend that I've never tried this iconic cream before, because I have and like so many others this is one of my favourite products I own, and has become an intrinsic part of my routine. So, for those who are less acquainted about this body butter and want to know what the hype is all about, continue reading!

I think that my absolute favourite thing about the Righteous Butter has to be the smell. It is simply divine, staying on your skin the entire day. The Original Pink scent is lightly floral with a delicious citrus twist to it which keeps the fragrance light and youthful, perfect to have on your skin every day. This truly is one of my favourite smells, and it translates beautifully to a body butter, allowing it to last morning until night, all whilst keeping your skin feeling like velvet (just as it says on the tub!)
So really, what more is there to want?

I love using this as an intense and luxurious feeling body butter after I shower. Letting it soak into my skin, leaving it feeling so soft and revitalised. It hydrates you, providing a much needed blast of moisture, and just overall making you feel better! 

Because of this, it would be a fantastic present for Mother's Day! Treating your Mum to something beautiful without breaking the bank, and think, you could definitely 'borrow it' every now and then... 
Flowers are great and everything, but flowers only last a week and this lasts blooming ages and smells even better!

But don't just take my word, because sometimes two opinions are better than one, and who better to ask than my go to girl on campus for all things glam, Georgia!

"I absolutely love the way it makes you feel! Gives you that little lift with their signature scent, just enough to get through those 9am lectures. Which is no small task when it is minus 10 degrees and snowing outside! I never leave the house without my travel sized tub in my bag. It is always such a massive hit at Campus and House Calls and really, is it any wonder why? It is the cream which does almost everything, and last absolutely ages, even when applied liberally every day!"

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