Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Mini Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns (Tesco)

Hot Cross Bun season is finally upon us (but who would believe it when half the country is experiencing snow more often than not, but I digress), and the stores are full of them! There are so many different flavours out there at the moment. But there really aren't that many actually vegan friendly. There are a few out there, but most of them are a bit basic in flavour, but then I discovered these little beauties! The Tesco Mini Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns!

I was excited about these. I was very very excited about these. So well done Tesco, for the conception of these incredible buns! So maybe I should stop rambling and write the review?

The pack comes with eight little buns, with the cute little crosses across them, as one would expect from a hot cross bun. This doesn't seem to necessarily be chocolate flavoured, but that isn't a terrible thing, as there is certainly enough chocolate chips running throughout the buns to leave you feeling entirely satisfied! The chocolate is evenly distributed, so you are definitely going to get a mouthful of chocolate with every bite, which let's be honest, is what we are in it for! 

The chocolate is of a good quality, not too sweet, with a nice bitterness to it. This works perfectly with the almost brioche sweet of the bread base. The buns were somewhat soft, but personally prefer my hot cross buns to be super soft and a bit squidgy . I know that it is traditional for people to toast their hot cross buns, but I think that due to their tiny size toasting them may cause serious problems, such as not actually being able to get them out of the toaster... 

So, in order to remedy this issue, I find that microwaving them for around 10-15 seconds tends to melt the chocolate to perfection! Not too hot that it is basically molten lava in sugar form, but not too little that they are still solid chips. The buns become delightfully soft, with chocolate oozing in the most tempting of manners. Honestly, this is just blooming delicious! 
Just a little word of warning though, the chocolate does have a tendency to get a tad messy, so be warned!

Rating - 9.75/10

Calories - 102 per bun

Buy Again - YES!!!

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