Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Vegan Dr Marten 1461 Review

Seeing as it is Veganuary, and I have owned these shoes for around a year now, I feel as though I can give an honest and just review (something which I would have appreciated myself!)
So my boyfriend bought me these last year for Christmas, after I had been obsessed with them for around six months, but could never manage to bring myself to buy them! So this review is kind of brought to you courtesy of him, thanks Adam!

Anyway, I had searched online for a review but what I found was either ridiculously basic or generally unhelpful. Describing them as, ‘Nice shoes’. This isn’t quite enough to convince me to part with my money and having never owned a pair of standard DM’s before, and hearing many a horror story about breaking them in, I had apprehensions. Eventually, when I took the plunge I tried them on in a size 4, and I found that they fit perfectly true to size. My feet didn’t feel squashed, nor did they feel like they were moving about. So I would strongly suggest you buy them in your actual size.

I think we should start on the overall aesthetics of the shoes, because that is what you see straight away. The shoes look like the standard 1461’s, they appear like high shine black leather (obvious they are synthetic and not actual leather!), with the thick air cushioned sole, with the iconic and easily my favourite part of them, yellow stitching. Honestly, they really do look just like the typical Dr Marten shoes! There is nothing to distinguish these from the leather pairs. I think that the only way that it becomes obvious that these are indeed free from leather, is the feel. They don’t feel like leather, but they don’t feel cheap, it feels expensive, study, and exceptionally well made.

So, I put them to the test. They felt comfy from the initial wear, I plastered my feet as I do with any new shoes, and went to work (literally). After the end of an 8 hour shift my feet were feeling a little worse for wear, with the heels a bit sore and rubbed. But, immediately after this initial wear, they became the comfiest shoes I have ever owned. Never did I have a blister from them after that, which for Doc Martens, is quite unusual. The shoes were comfy, and from that wear, they have become even more comfortable as they have moulded to my foot and now provide me with a ridiculous amount of support and comfort, making them my go to shoe for long days filled with much toddling.

Dr Martens are just so fun to style, they can add such a cool masculine edge to an otherwise feminine outfit

. I love to wear mine with dresses or skirts. Balancing the outfit and providing me with something which feels authentically me, authentically worn different. I love the alternative feel of the shoes and the heritage and history behind them, they have a strong ethos of individuality behind them, and that doesn’t stop just because you don’t wear leather. Dr Martens are such a fantastic company, and they never fail to impress me with their re imaginings of classic designs and shapes.
Their shoes really are designed to last and after having them for a year, and wearing them pretty frequently, I can say that they still look fantastic. They look brand new, still shiny and clean, with minimal wear and tear, only a slight creasing at the toe where I walk. This really isn’t an issue though because this just makes them look a bit loved.

I love these shoes and would strongly recommend getting the vegan ones whether you are vegan or not. They are incredibly comfortable, really well made, and just overall brilliant! The only problem I have is that they do make a slight squeaking sound when I walk. But this is only on shiny floors, so not a real issue. 

See the rest of the range here!  


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