Monday, 22 January 2018

Nak'd Blueberry Muffin Bar

I always get so excited whenever Nak’d have a new flavour release, and do everything within my power to get my paws on it. I heard about the Nak’d Blueberry muffin bar around the Christmas time and have been desperately searching for it since, but to no avail... that was, until today!

Whilst perusing the Tesco Free From section, as I almost religiously do, I spotted the elusive bars. As you can guess, I grabbed a pack and went almost straight to the tills, forgetting everything else which I had intended to buy... but that’s okay, it just means another trip to Tesco (and possibly some more vegan finds!)

When I got home I simply couldn’t wait to try them and quickly snapped a pick of the box and tore my way through the packaging until I was greeted with this pretty little purple bar. 

Now, I presume we all know the texture of the standard Nak’d bar, deliciously squishy, and fabulously moreish. This bar, did not disappoint. The smell hit me as soon as I opened the wrapper: fresh blueberry muffins. (Did I use the colon right? Let’s hope so...) 

I was a little shook by just how incredible this bar smelt. I wasn’t expecting such a flavour sensation to hit me like that, but I’m certainly not complaining. Now, shall I get on to the review? The bar tastes amazing. It is just like a real blueberry muffin, but better if that is even possible. It tasted so fresh, with the blueberries having an authentic and delicious flavour about them, far from the artificial rubbish which some companies definitely seem to opt for. But not these. 

They are blooming marvellous! 

They capture not only the blueberry perfectly, but also the muffin aspect. The sweetness of the baked dough having an authenticity about it. I loved this bar so much and I have been craving it since munching my first bar!  

So, as you have probably guessed, I am a massive fan of these bars, and would urge anyone, vegan or non vegan, to get a hold of one!

Rating - 9.5/10 

Calories - 130

Buy Again - Yaaaaaaas!

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