Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Marks & Spencer Vegan List 2018

Soy, Ginger, & Chilli Quinoa Waves

Veggie Edamame & Corriander Cakes

Veggie Red Cabbage & Squash Filo Parcels

Veggie Tikka Masala

Veggie Chilli Non Carne

Veggie Cauliflower Steaks (Blooming rip off me thinks!)

Taste Thailand Green Thai Vegetable Curry with Jasmine Rice

Sweet & Smoky Chickpea Puffs

Red Rice & Peppers

Spiced Tofu Salad

Aubergine Masala

Salt & Vinegar Brown Rice & Kale Popped Chips

Beetroot & Apple Slaw Sandwhich
Chilli & Corriander Soya Cunks

Sesame, Chilli, & Corriander Tofu

High Protein Pea Noodles

Made Without Dairy: Coconut & Cocoa Drink

Veggie Sweetcorn & Chickpea Burgers

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