Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Booja Booja Caramel Pecan Praline Ice Cream

As a vegan, I have been desperately trying to find a dairy free ice cream, which has a truly indulgent flavour. An ice cream which is comparable to the creamiest of creams, with the most incredible melt, no iciness and packed full of flavour.
And friends, I have found the ice cream.

Booja Booja. This is the name you should have etched within your brain. I feel as though all other ice creams shall now pale in comparison to this, and believe me, as much as I love hyperbole, this is not one of them. I think that I need to provide a bit of background on the brand, a brief summary if you will to let you know what kind of company we are dealing with.

This truly is a company with a conscience, so you know that when you are buying their products, you are making a difference to somebodies life. They nominate two charities a year which they donate 5% of their profits to. In addition to this, they also support employees who seek sponsorship for charities. Click the link here to find out more information!

Now, I shall stop prattling and get onto the review! Can we all just take a minute to appreciate this packaging here guys? Honestly, this has to be some of the most stunning packaging I have seen in a while. The jazzy swirls are simply stunning, creating a unique and quite luxurious feel to it without feeling pretentious or off putting. It is just beautiful. I think that the colours work really well for this flavour, and immediately conjure up the idea of caramel within the mind of the consumer.
With such snazzy packaging, I was very excited to whip the lid off and dive right in!

Upon taking the lid off I was greeted with a creamy ice cream, with a small streak of caramel poking through the top. It looked smooth and rather inviting, so I whipped my spoon out and dug right in! The base flavour of the ice cream itself is simply mouth watering. The vanilla is beautiful, perfectly balanced with sweetness, creaminess, and texture, to create what can only be described as heaven in a tub. This is made perfect with the salt from the caramel and the earthy flavour of the pecan nuts. All of these helping to make this feel like a true luxury, with the thought of vegan or dairy free even crossing your mind.
The caramel tastes very rich, and is swirled throughout the ice cream. It was particularly delightful when you would hit a pocket of caramel. The only thing I can compare it to is when you find a £20 note in your pocket when you thought you were skint.

This is my absolute favourite treat at the moment. I love knowing that what I'm eating has meaning and purpose behind it, along with the fact that it is vegan, organic, gluten free and even soya free too! It is simply magical that Booja Booja have managed to craft such a blooming brilliant product, which can be enjoyed by almost everyone!

I have a feeling that the rating for this will be pretty darn obvious, but for the sake of conventions, I should probably go through with it!

Rating - 9.75/10

Calories - 189 per 100ml

Buy Again? - The Ocado order is already on its way!

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