Sunday, 9 December 2018

That Girl, This Woman

So this blog post is a little removed from what I have previously written, but I felt compelled to write it. I don't particularly care if anyone reads it, because this is ultimately for myself. But maybe it will resonate with you, I don't know. So then, after such a cryptic start, what is it that I am indeed writing about?

Well, for the last few weeks I haven't felt quite at home in myself. Not in ways which I've experienced before, and I am quite familiar with, like my weight, or feeling depressed, or even anxious. Because to be honest, I would have been quite comfortable with these feelings; I understand feeling fat, I understand feeling low, and I understand feeling anxious, but what I don't understand is this. I've tried expressing this to people I love, and it still didn't feel quite right, I felt better for speaking to them, but this underlying feeling was still there. And it really wasn't until last night that I realised exactly what was wrong. I didn't feel comfortable in my own clothes anymore, as though I was borrowing them from a friend, feeling like I was an impostor trying to be somebody else. I felt as though my hair was constantly wrong, whether I curled it, straightened it, had it up or down. Nothing was right. But there was something more than the aesthetic, something which ran a lot deeper. I was trying to be the girl who I was six month ago, clinging desperately to the ghost of her pretending that I was still her, but you know what;

I am no longer That Girl.

I am no longer that girl who bought those clothes six months ago, terrified to grow up and who didn't want to accept any real responsibility for her life.
I am no longer that girl who started university almost three years ago with absolutely no confidence or clue what on earth she was going to do with her life. I am no longer that girl who six months ago who was terrified at the thought of turning 23 and still not being any closer to knowing what she was going to do with her life, walking with absolutely no direction.
I am no longer that girl who only three months ago didn't think that she deserved to be happy.
So who exactly am I then?

I am Becoming This Woman.

I am becoming the woman who is excited about embarking on her first big adventure and moving away from home. I am becoming the woman who embraces the fact that she is 23 and has the world at her finger tips, with unending possibilities. I am becoming the woman who walks with her head held high, looking the world in the eyes without flinching. 
I may not know exactly who this woman is that I'm becoming, but I can't wait to find out. 

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Vegan in the City: Down the Hatch (Liverpool)

Down The Hatch, is a favourite haunt of mine, boasting the reputation as one of Liverpool's best vegetarian restaurants. Setting itself apart from others by providing the food which you miss most as a veggie, the unhealthy stuff! Yes of course I love kale and quinoa salads, and eat hummus by the tub, but sometimes all I really want, is a blooming kebab with salt and pepper chips! I know, I know. As a vegan we are supposed to be above such thoughts, but let's get real here guys, we may be trying to save the planet one carrot at a time, but hey, we're only human! And it would be pretty nice to be able to act on such cravings without jeopardising our ethical values, now wouldn't it?

 Now, this is where the fabulous Down the Hatch comes into the equation! Offering up and incredible menu of dirty veggie junk food which will leave even the most carnivorous of friends satisfied! The menu is pretty extensive yet not very expensive, with no single meal coming in at over £11, and for the quality of food, I cannot grumble. The upgrades are certainly worth it, and I would whole heartedly recommend getting some form of fries based upgrade, because the salt and pepper ones are simply divine, balancing the spice perfectly with the carby fried goodness of the fries and the cutting flavour of the salt, working together to create a chip like no other! Now, that may sound a bit ridiculous to say, but don't judge until you have tried them!

I think one of my favourite things from Down the Hatch has to be, 'The Don', which is a warm pitta stuffed with vegan donner style seitan, serves with crunchy salad, tangy tzatziki  and fries. You really don't feel as though you are missing out on the meat with this one. The seitan is simply incredible, the texture truly does mimic that of meat, without the unpleasant gristle or toughness which inevitably comes with a kebab. The flavour is bold and works well with the tzatziki, which you honestly cannot tell is vegan. But be warned, like almost everything else on their menu, it is really filling, which can be a bit of a problem because the Vegan Sundae is not to be missed!

The Vegan Cookie Sundae is out of this world. The ice cream comes from Cafe Creme and is utterly delicious, and super creamy, regardless of which flavour you choose (although I would recommend the mint chocolate every time!). It is filled throughout with pieces of freshly baked vegan cookies, and brownie, interspersed with an indulgently delightful chocolate fudge sauce. 
This, is a bit of a star item that you simply must try, well, that is if you can manage it after all of the savoury! I often end up having to share this dessert, although my friend and I do find ourselves fighting over who gets the pieces of cookie... 

Down the Hatch have recently started doing a Sunday Lunch on certain weekends, and it looks incredible! As a vegan, Sunday lunch can be a bit of a disappointment, with your plate being filled almost entirely with vegetables, because the roasties and Yorkshire puddings, and even the stuffing has been made with animal fat! But thankfully, the guys at Down the Hatch have put an end to our suffering and have offered up what looks like an incredible option! 
I just need to get myself down there on Sunday and finally give it a go! 

So, whether you are vegan or not, I would wholeheartedly recommend that you give Down the Hatch a go! 

Location - Basement, 62 Duke Street, Liverpool, L1 5AA

Monday, 17 September 2018

Vegan in the City: The Nakery (Liverpool)

I am such a massive fan of supporting local business. You feel as though when you buy something, you actually are making a meaningful connection rather than lining the pockets of some faceless conglomerate So, with this little blog series of mine, 'Vegan in the City', I am aiming to showcase local businesses and just how amazing they can be. So, I feel as though a blog series about vegan friendly places in Liverpool would not be complete without showcasing the incredible and much loved, 'The Nakery'.

Now, if you are from Liverpool, then you will most likely be aware of the hype surrounding the now famous Nakery, the vegan bakery specialising in raw vegan 'naked' cakes, with all of their products being gluten, refined sugar, and dairy free! The Nakery was started over two years ago by the young and inspiring business woman that is Natalie Shilton when she had a vision to start something special within the city and bring something new to both the metaphorical and literal table! The Nakery has gone from strength to strength since starting and it is ultimately down to the incredible hard work from their small but dedicated team, with them now providing their products to several vendors in Merseyside, and having their own stall seven days a week at the Red Brick Hangar in Liverpool's Baltic Triangle. 

I've given you all of the boring albeit important details about The Nakery, I shall get onto the information which everyone really wants to know, how does it taste? The simple and quick answer to this is blooming amazing! But I suppose that that isn't really much use to anyone, so, without further ado onto the review!

Cake Jars

The jars are quite easily my favourite thing to buy from The Nakery, coming in a delicious and tempting variety of flavours, from the original Peanut Butter, to the oh so indulgent Banoffee. They arrive in a mason jar (so perfect for that Instagram aesthetic), making them ideal to eat on the go, or maybe even half now and half later, not that I have ever managed to resist eating a whole one in one go mind...
The jars are layered so that you get a a slightly different flavour sensation with each mouthful and never become bored of the texture. You have the smooth cashew cream which is beautifully flavoured according to the jar, working alongside the crunchy, chewy and decadent brownie/cookie mix which is swirled throughout. 
These jars are simply indulgence at their finest but without any of the guilt! This is due to them (like everything from The Nakery) being made with high quality, all natural ingredients. The jars are super filling and because of this, I love to have them for breakfast when I am anticipating a long day of work or studying. They keep my energy levels constant and the hunger at bay, allowing me to work for hours without interruption from my rumbling stomach! 

The Banoffee jar is simply divine, with the gorgeous addition of the caramel sauce, which you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between that and the standard non vegan version, is completely and utterly delicious! Smooth and luxurious, with the balance of sweet and salty perfectly balance to create a taste sensation, against the nutty flavour of the cookie crumble layered throughout. 


Sometimes, on rare occasions, you only fancy a light bite, or want to try a bit of everything. The Nakery Mini's are absolutely perfect for this, because you can pick yourself any four from the massive selection for just £12! The PB&J bar is seriously something else, and there is a reason that this is one of their best sellers. The jam is tart with a bit of a bite to it, and works beautifully to cut through the earthy and stodgy deliciousness of the peanut butter and chocolate coating. 
I am also a massive fan of the Vegan Coffee Toffee Power Balls! These are amazing to have as a mid morning snack to keep you going until lunch time. Like everything else, the flavour is incredible, magicalically moreish, whilst somehow satisfying. I don't know how Nat does it, but she is a culinary genius and has really changed the face of vegan food in Liverpool. 

So if you have yet to visit The Nakery, then what are you waiting for?!? 
I shall leave the social media pages linked below,




Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Vegan in the City

So I spend what is arguably a ridiculous amount of time hunting for places which are not only vegan friendly, but actually have food which I want to eat. I mean, it’s all well and good boasting that your restaurant is vegan friendly, but when your only vegan options is a bland vegetable curry or a browning avocado salad, I’m obviously not going to be all that impressed.

Now, I’m not saying that there is anything particularly wrong with a salad or a curry (when done well), but when they are added as a half arsed afterthought with some pitiful browning lettuce leaves and a slice of avocado, I have an issue. This frustration is further exacerbated when they decide to charge me exactly the same as meaty meal which consists of a burger, chips, and a side salad (which somehow looks significantly fresher than mine?)
Anyway, after my rather superfluous tirade, I think that I need to explain what the purpose of this was. So basically, I want to provide a little guide of my own, for both anyone reading my blog, and for myself to refer back to, acknowledging places in Liverpool (and anywhere I may travel to) assessing different restaurants,, giving them a review and a bit of a vegan evaluation of sorts.

This will be on a range of places, from specifically vegan, to ones which simply have vegan options. I love to try new places, but it can sometimes be really difficult to assess what is going to be available to eat or if it is even going to be particularly nice.
I’m going to try and go into each establishment with an open mind, no prejudices, and try to get a holistic idea of the place.
I shall have several criteria to consider so as to keep it consistent. These shall be,

Vegan Range
Food quality
Overall experience

I would love for anyone to get in touch if they either have any recommendations or if they simply have somewhere that you want to know more about just drop me a message and I will try and visit ASAP and get it added!

inecto Naturals Coconut Hair Oil and Hair Mask Review

During the summer, and especially during this unexpected British heatwave, we all know how important it is to wear sun cream to prevent our skin from damage. We apply various creams, moisturisers, masks, and treatments to our faces, so why do we forget to look after our hair beyond putting some shampoo or conditioner on it? This can leave hair feeling so dull and dry during the intense heat, I've even noticed my dark brown hair developing more golden streaks in it!

Now, I am just as guilty as almost everyone else of neglecting their hair. Making excuses like it is too much effort, or that it is too expensive. But since discovering inecto Naturals and their Coconut range, these excuses are no longer valid. The inecto Naturals Coconut range is available for under £5!
The Coconut range is aimed at those with drier hair, but if I'm honest, this is great for anyone who wants their hair to look nourished and to shine. Strengthening it from the inside out. Like most inecto Naturals products, these can be used alone or in conjunction with one another. So, without further delay, on to the review.

Divine Shine Hair Oil

Smooth and style parched hair and make it look super glossy with this nourishing hair oil infused with pure organic Coconut Oil. Your hair will smell gorgeous too!

This has to be my favourite product in this whole range. It is ridiculously easy to use, simply applying a pump or two to damp hair before blow drying it. The application of heat to your hair helps it get fully absorbed into the hair itself and work its magic. After just one application there was a noticeable difference to my hair and how it felt. It developed a shine to it, which made it look as though I had gone and had it blow dried at the salon, rather than me washing it at home. And, as a girl with curly hair, brushing it can be an absolute nightmare. Knots upon knots, and what was briefly beautiful curls have turned into Medusa's unruly mane. This is such a simple product to use, but the difference it makes is massive. 

I find with oils that it can have a tendency to weigh my hair down, but this is really light and breathes some much needed life into my hair!
The smell, like everything from this range, is simply beautiful. So fresh and natural, most likely from the ingredients being 90% natural, completely vegan, cruelty free, and paraben free!

Coming in at 100ml, this would be absolutely perfect to take away on holiday with you to keep your hair feeling as healthy as possible in the sunshine! Protecting it from damage and dryness, an unfortunate side effect of such glorious weather. 

Intensive Conditioning Hair Treatment

Give your dry and frizz-prone hair a boost with this super rich and incredibly hydrating treatment. Infused with pure organic Coconut Oil, your hair will left feeling healthier and looking so much softer.

I'm not entirely sure if I have ever used a hair mask before, because I always worry that it will leave my hair feeling greasy or irritating my scalp. But after noticing that my hair has been a little frizzier than usual the last couple of weeks (humidity what you doing to me?!),  I thought, why not! 
I read the instructions and they were straight forward enough. Wash your hair as normal and lightly towel dry it, then generously apply through your hair and leave for about five minutes. So I did just that. I popped a song on which lasted about that length of time and when it was done, just wash it off with warm water and dry as normal. I personally enjoy adding a little amount of the Hair Oil as well to really nourish and pamper my hair!

I feel as though I've been going on about the fragrance, but it has to be smelled to be believed just how beautiful it is. It really puts me in the holiday mood, even when we have a duller or rainy day.

After one use I have noticed a tangible difference in my hair. It feels healthier and there is definitely more of a shine and less of a frizzy feeling to it. And it sounds ridiculous, but things like having a good hair day can have a powerful effect upon your mood and your confidence. 

So I shall leave the link to my previous blog post on inecto HERE for you to have a read of if you haven't already. 
And a link to their website HERE if you want to find out more!

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

inecto Naturals Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to make a more conscious effort regarding the toiletries and cosmetics that I purchase, to ensure that they are cruelty free. This however I have found to be surprisingly difficult! With products either being ridiculously expensive or only being available in certain obscure health food stores. This can be incredibly frustrating when you want to do your bit for the animals and the planet, but sometimes you just don't have £12 to spend on a tiny bottle of shampoo!
So, this is where inecto Naturals Coconut comes into the equation. If you haven't heard of them before, then I shall provide a brief over view of the company, along with a link to their website in case you want to find out more or see their entire product range! (Click here for the link)

inecto Naturals are a British based company which are proud to create vegan friendly, cruelty free, and paraben free. They are known for their body-celebrating hair and skincare products that are truly inspired by nature.They celebrate the power of nature with up to 90% of their ingredients in all of their products being from natural sources, promising no nasties or unpleasant chemicals. 

I absolutely love how proud they are as a company about these aspects. But, all of these claims are well and good, but do the products live up to expectations? So, without further ado, I best get onto the review!


I am a massive fan of all things coconut, so it isn't any surprise that the sweet scent of the  inecto Naturals Coconut range completely drew me in from the first sniff! The scent is really lovely, super fresh, exceptionally natural, and surprisingly long lasting. I find that some shampoos, especially more natural ones tend to have quite a weak smell, I presume it must have something to do with there being less chemicals in it to create an artificial and long lasting scent, but inecto Naturals Coconut seem to have overcome this problem by creating a beautifully fragranced Shampoo and Conditioner which still smells as good at the end of the day as it did when you first washed it. The scent immediately made me think of summer, and days on the beach. I love how evocative a scent can be, and I think that this fragrance really encapsulates summer to me! 

The shampoo and conditioner can work as stand alone products, but I would recommend using them together. They compliment each other really well, intensifying the scent and allowing your hair to soak up all the goodness, totally revitalising it. The coconut range is designed for those with dry hair. I personally wouldn't say that I have particularly dry hair, but despite this, it has worked absolute miracles. It has tamed the frizz, and made my unruly locks feel like satin. After just one use I received so many compliments about my hair, to the point where I was a little taken aback by the amount people commenting on it. 

My hair is pretty curly so I find it difficult to find a product which both makes it look shiny and healthy without weighing down the curls. Yet somehow Inecto seem to have formulated a range which does just that, without costing an absolute fortune! 

Now, how much do I use? I'm going to be honest, I get a bit carried away with shampooing and conditioning my hair, clearly still thinking that my hair goes all the way down my back, rather than just grazing my shoulders as it does now. I probably use about a 50p sized amount for shampoo, and probably what I can only define as, a generous amount, for the conditioner and I try to leave both on for a few minutes to allow my hair to completely absorb the benefits.

So, overall, I would say that the inecto Naturals Coconut shampoo and conditioner are absolutely amazing. They are such a bargain and work just as well if not better than a lot of other high end brands which I have tried. They are truly passionate about what they do, and causing as little harm to the environment as possible by ensuring that they are vegan, cruelty free, and paraben free! 

If you would like to find out more information about the brand, or their complete product range, then click HERE to go to their website.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Summer Body Ready?

Summer is well and truly in full swing in the UK, and all I want to wear is light floaty fabrics which keep me covered but still cool. With anything else I would feel restricted and just down right uncomfortable in this sticky heat. I love ditching tight skinny jeans for something a bit different like my new favourite wide leg cropped jeans from Topshop (only £25 on offer right now, thank me later), with a basic cotton t shirt. Effortless, simple, and cool. My motto for summer! 

But Summer can come with a lot of added and unnecessary anxiety from the dreaded concept of the phrase, 'Bikini Body Ready'. I'm going to be honest, I have never felt even remotely ready for such a concept, with each year the goal becoming even more unachievable, the media changing the goal post as to what is 'perfect' or what we should aspire to. Every magazine revealing the secrets to looking perfect and losing fat fast, in what is often a dangerous or impossible diet!
Each year we are presented with a new ideal, one time it is to have a washboard stomach, the next is to be curvier than Beyonce. To have the bum to rival all others, whilst having the flattest stomach. Nobody will ever be able to consistently achieve these ever changing ideals. 
I felt convinced this morning that I would be filled with confidence as I went shopping for summer clothes as I have a few city breaks planned and possibly a week enjoying the sunshine on the beach, so jeans probably won't be my best option. So I went, full of hope and optimism at buying some shorts, some cami tops, and maybe a swimming cossy or two. This optimism took a nose dive as soon as I entered the holiday section of the shop.

I couldn't help but think, why is everything so short? Why is it all so tight? This just isn't for me. My mum kept picking up cossies, suggesting them to me, but the mere thought of putting any on my body terrified me. I managed to get to the till with a pretty one piece suit and a lovely little cover up, but at the last second I just couldn't bring myself to buy it. That little voice in the back of my head saying, you can't wear that, you haven't got the body for it. You will look a state. It is that all too familiar annoying voice which always make me feel like absolute rubbish. It kills my confidence and makes me want to stay at home rather than go out and enjoy the sunshine because I don't have the right to feel good in a pair of shorts.
But how absurd is this? Who on earth doesn't have the right to wear a pair of shorts? What would actually qualify someone to be allowed to wear shorts? 

It is hard to feel good about yourself in a world where everywhere you look you are being told that you are inadequate because of the size of your thighs. I am so guilty of succumbing to the pressures and letting it control how I feel. Last year I let these feelings of inadequacy ruin my summer. I wore layers to cover up, and as a result was horrifically uncomfortable in the heat, rather than wearing something that would actually be pleasant! 
I've realised that this has very little to do with the clothes, but rather with what is going on in my head. The size of my thighs or the width of my hips have nothing to do with how good I feel on the inside and I think that this is true for so many people. Happiness comes from acceptance and appreciation of the body you are in, no matter how it looks. Embracing your quirks and features which make you unique. Looking after yourself and making yourself feel good with a bit of self care. So you know what dear reader, I bought the shorts. 

So enjoy your Summer, and most importantly, enjoy your body!

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Hero Project: Hand Rehab

For a culture so obsessed with skin care, we so often forget to look after our hands. Our poor hands which are put through the ringer every single day. May it be hammering away at the keys, plunging them in water, or just general day to day wear and tear. But our hands deserve looking after too! So how exactly should we go about this? Well, my friends, you need look no further, as I have found a potential solution to this in the form of, The Hero Project's Diamond Dusted Hand Rehab.

This is hand cream at its finest, made for luxurious pampering and keeping your hands looking as good as you feel. I am a bit obsessed right now with SPF so I absolutely love that this is more than just a standard hand cream, but also protecting them from the sun with SPF 20. Sun damage is a major issue, which can cause premature ageing and even cancer, so it is important to take this seriously. Often our hands are neglected when it comes to sun protection, but they need just as much protection from the sun as our faces and the rest of our bodies. 

Hand creams, especially those with any form of SPF often feel super heavy and greasy, never actually soaking in and making it impossible to actually do anything. Thankfully Hand Rehab doesn't feel like this at all! It is quite a thick cream but this definitely works to its advantage because it adds to the overall feel of luxury, especially because of how quickly it soaks into the skin.
The cream smells simply amazing. The aloe vera scent is quite subtle and smells really fresh and reminds me of spring for some reason. A beautiful light fragrance which you can't help but smile at.

This works well for both young and older skin, providing moisture and a bit of love to neglected hands. I love to use this throughout the day, topping it up whenever my hands start feeling a little dry or in need of TLC. My Mum has recently started using it after hearing me rave about it so much, and she has become a total convert and we find ourselves fighting for who gets to take it with them to work, clearly the best solution is to get my mum her own... 

The addition of diamond dust is simply genius! It is not just a fancy ingredient but an active one which does your hands, especially your nails, a lot of good. It hardens soft nails helps to strengthen them. This is especially good if you wear false nails or have gel nails. 

This makes such a lovely present for someone because it comes in a beautiful little presentation box. It really is the touches and details like this which make this a special product. It a great size to just pop in your bag, and doesn't take up much room, I am normally a little nervy about putting any liquid or cream product in my bag incase of spillages, but I do not have this fear with my Hand Rehab because of its screw top which stays secure! 
The packaging is simply stunning and I cannot compliment it enough. The whole aesthetic and image behind The Hero Project is absolutely perfect and I love the tone of voice they use on their descriptions. It feels fun and approachable and truly genuine, something which sets itself apart from many brands at the moment and I just love it. 

Click HERE if you want to get your own Hand Rehab. 

Monday, 21 May 2018

Keeping it Peachy: A Soap & Glory Review

It's the summer time and the weather is definitely looking fine! But with this heat comes a whole range of skin problems, from oily skin, to chapped lips. So how do you deal with this and still feel confident in yourself? How do you keep your lips feeling great and looking great? Well, I think that I have found the solution in the Soap & Glory Peach Pout, Completely Balmy Lipstick. 


A lipstick that thinks it’s a balm? It must be the creamy, dreamy PEACH POUT™, available in 3 sassy, peach-perfect shades. A lightweight, long-lasting formulation that lasts all day features a rich, juicy peach-infused fragrance. With a shaped bullet edge for easy and precise application, it goes on just like a lipstick leaving you with instantly softer-feeling luscious lips. 

If you know me, you will know that I normally go for a darker red lip, preferring something to be a bit bolder and more daring, but sometimes this just doesn't feel right for the occasion and can wreak absolute havoc on your lips, making them feel super dry and just darn right uncomfortable! I had yet to find the perfect everyday lipstick, which was no fuss, and actually really enjoyable to wear! 

The Soap & Glory Peach Pout really does everything which is claims to do! The scent is simply gorgeous. I love how fresh and natural it tastes, there is absolutely nothing unnatural about this, and it is subtle when applied to the lips so as not to be overpowering or unpleasant, as some fragranced lip products can be. The scent reminds me of peach sweets, which is never a bad thing!
The formula of the lipstick itself is heavenly. It applies so easily, gliding along the lips, leaving you with the perfect and mess free application. No stress about having to perfectly line your lips or to have exfoliated them to within an inch of their lives! This really does leave your lips feeling hydrated and ready to go with just one application, and I am just loving it! Since I got this a few weeks ago I haven't stopped wearing it because it is just so lovely to wear.
The colour of the lipstick is what surprised and impressed me the most. I was worried that it would be a little sheer and be more like a tinted lip balm with minimal colour pay off, but boy was I wrong! The colour is so pretty and works with every outfit, to add a natural pop of colour to your look. I love wearing it with a bare face and just a bit of mascara (I swear by the Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Flash Extensions Effect Mascara : Click here to find it on Boots!). 

I think it is great that they have three shades so there is one for everyone, from the lightest more nudey peach colour, to the more vibrant pink toned colour. Or maybe treat yourself and get all three, seeing as they are 3 for 2 at Boots! At £9 each they are an absolute steal!

I wear Freedom of Peach

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Pret Vegan Cookie Review

A cookie. It isn't often that a cookie makes the news, but this Pret cookie has. It really is quite peculiar how a cookie, has developed such fame simply for being vegan. If only it was quite that easy for the rest of us!
So, as I was saying, the Internet seems to be going absolutely wild for this cookie, and with it being so readily available and only £1.45, all it needs now is to taste good! I suppose that I should move onto the review then and tell you whether or not it is indeed good!

The cookie is Dark Chocolate and Almond Butter flavour and believe me when I say that it is rich. The chocolate cocoa is undeniably strong, making up the base of the cookie, but this works perfectly to create an unwavering sense of indulgence. The almond butter creates a subtle taste to it, adding a nuttiness and depth to the overall taste, along with creating a bit of intrigue of texture. There also seemed to be some patches which were significantly gooier and I think that these may have had more almond butter in them (possibly my favourite bits if I'm honest).
The texture of the cookie itself is slightly chewy, thick, and still retains a bit of crunch. I personally prefer my cookies on the chewier side of things, so I decided to warm it up in the microwave. Guys, this was clearly the correct decision to make, because what was already a tasty cookie, became utterly delicious and let's be honest, pretty darn magical.
I loved how the chocolate chips in it melted, and made the cookie overall even better, with the chocolate merging with the almond butter.

I really hope that these are a permanent feature of the Pret a Manger menu and not a passing flavour or trend because these are absolutely amazing. You don't have to be vegan to enjoy them, but you definitely need to like chocolate because these are super intense and chocolaty!
Overall these are utterly divine and I can't wait to get some more!

Rating - 9/10

Vegan - Yes (It's in the name)

Buy Again - YAAAAAS

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Beat the Rushower: A Soap & Glory Review

So, picture this, you've had a late night. You've been out having a little catch up which subsequently turned into a bit of an all nighter and you haven't had a chance to  wash your hair. It isn't looking as fresh as it did the night before and that vanilla shampoo smell has faded. What do you do?

Well, until recently my solution would be to throw a hat on and hope for the best...  that was however until I discovered the Soap & Glory Rushower Dry Shampoo!
Now, I am aware that there are a fair few dry shampoo's available and on the market right now, which all do the job more or less, so what sets this one apart?

If I'm honest, I think that it has to be the absolutely gorgeous signature Pink scent of rose and bergamot. Because of the touch release technology, the scent last all day and a quick ruffle of your hair gives you a fresh blast of fragrance as though you've just sprayed it!
The scent isn't too strong or overpowering, as some dry shampoo can definitely be, nearly choking you with how strong the fragrance is. Instead this is light and floral, as though your hair is perfumed.

It is so quick and easy to use, just spritz, ruffle and go! I have really dark hair naturally, and find that many dry shampoos leave an awful white residue in my hair- which I never seem to notice until someone points it out several hours later. But this seems to blend in really well, it may take a bit of working in the fringe area because of there being less hair, but it does leave my hair looking as though it has been freshly washed, rather than being on day two...

This is definitely going to be my new go-to dry shampoo, and I love that it is a good size, yet slim enough that I can fit is in most of my bags to keep with me on the go. It is perfect for using when you are going to uni for some long study sessions in the library, when you don't quite want to wash your hair, but you still want to feel good about yourself, and confident!
A perfect staple for everyone, with it working with all hair colours!

Sunday, 22 April 2018

In Women We Trust -The Young Women's Trust

Imagine feeling alone. 

Imagine waking up and not knowing if you can afford a cup of tea. 

Imagine not having the opportunity to get the job that you want, because you just don't have the right qualifications.

Well, for many young women, aged between 16 and 30, they don't have to imagine this, they have to live it. Statistics suggest that this is in fact a reality for 800,000 (11.1%) young people. These young people are stuck in this situation of being neither in eduction, employment or training. They are unable to earn themselves a wage and fulfil their true potential. This is not because they don't have the ability or the intelligence to do so, but simply because they don't have the opportunity. 

This situation cannot be ignored. How can we allow so many young people with potential to be forgotten? To be denied the opportunity to earn a wage which would enable them to support themselves. The problem often begins in school, with these young people, specifically women, not enjoying the experience. They develop such negative connotations for education which can cause them anxiety about continuing it further. Often they feel as though they have nobody to speak to and confide these fears in. Nobody to turn to for advice and support, and often the only option becomes dropping out or to not even try. So, how can this be tackled?

Well, this is where The Young Women's Trust comes in. The 'Work it Out' Coaching is simply an incredible initiative, with the sessions being tailored for each individual young women. The sessions can be focused on building confidence, job applications, and  basically any other issue you may face as a young woman growing up! I love that they are focused entirely upon the young woman, with the sessions being done over the phone, Whatsapp, or even e-mail if that is what's best, meaning that you don't need to meet anybody face to face, and are available evenings and weekends.
The Young Women's Trust run a special service to try and help prevent these situation from escalating further, instead providing an outlet for these young women to voice their fears and worries, and come up with ways to tackle them head on!

Now, that is what The Young Women's Trust do, but what can you do to get involved and help? As a student it can be difficult to consistently donate to charity, when every penny has to be accounted for and managed. This in itself can be a cause of stress, wanting to do something to help, but not quite having the money to do so. The Young Women's Trust is aware of this issue, and as a result have a variety of different ways for you to make a difference! 

My favourite has to be their slogan t shirts, with the powerful statement, 'In Women We Trust'. It really isn't often when what your wearing has the power to change a life, but for just £12 you can. Not only do the t-shirts help to raise money for the Young Women's Trust, but they also raise awareness of the charity itself, whilst spreading the message of female empowerment!  
The t-shirt is super soft and is a perfect addition to any wardrobe, so if you want to do just one thing then buy a t-shirt, and spread the word. 

Another great way to help is to shop. Yes, you heard me right, to shop! This is called, 'Give as You Live', and all that you have to do is sign up and shop all of your favourite things, and by using their links a small commission is donated to the charity! No need to spend anything that you wouldn't necessarily be spending, yet the Young Women's Trust will thoroughly benefit from this donation. This is such a great concept and really allows you to support charity in everything you do. 

Lastly, there is good old fashioned fund raising! The Young Women's Trust have a pack which you can download with some really fun and unique ways of raising both money and awareness for them. The Gender Pay Bakesale is a fun twist on the traditional bake sale, by highlighing the significance of the gender pay divide. Highlight how far we still need to go to achieve equality by holding a gender pay gap bake sale. On average, women earn 18% less than men. So at this bake sale, suggest that women pay 18% less. If a cake costs £1, men can donate the full price, and women can donate 82p

So, what are you going to do to get involved?

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