Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Last (Minute) Christmas

Christmas is looming ever closer. Everywhere you go, the jingling of bells is present, and the smell of mulled wine is about. So we all know what this means.


I love receiving presents as much as the next person, and I do actually love giving them, but, I can get a little bit stressed with it all. How much do I spend? How can I stick to a budget without giving rubbish pressies? These are the dilemmas which we are faced with. But alas, I have conquered this problem with the concept of the Christmas Stockings!
Okay, maybe I didn't quite come up with the concept of a Christmas stocking, but it will become clearer as you read on and start to understand my solution to this universal woe.

The Christmas Stockings

The concept is quite simple, low cost, and most importantly big impact! This works particularly great if you have a larger group of friends, because basically, all you need is some socks (preferable of the fluffy variety), enough sweets to rival Willy Wonker, and a little something something extra. A show stopper if you will.
Oh, and don't forget a bit of ribbon, and maybe clear cellophane like paper (I got mine from ebay for about £2). For mine I have decided to go with a bit of a pink theme, because we all know that the best sweets, are definitely the pink ones, and who doesn't love a bit of coordination?

I find that these work best when you have a special item in them. This really doesn't have to be anything big or too jazzy or expensive! Especially when you have Boots with their fantastic 3 for 2 offers on! When I saw this, my decision was made, everyone is getting Soap & Glory this year. Plus, as an added bonus, this means if you don't have a friend group which is a multiple of free, then you are totally justified in treating yourself, especially with all this generosity!

Candy Canes are Essential!

Click here for the Boots Soap & Glory page! 


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