Thursday, 23 November 2017

Brighten Your Day: Soap & Glory Radiance Boosting Mask

It's that time of year again, coursework is piling up at an alarming rate, skin isn't looking too great, and the only five a day you're getting is chocolate! So, what is the only logical solution to all of this? A face mask of course! 

But here is the dilemma. Which one do you choose? There are so many on the market at the moment and it can feel a little overwhelming, but do not fear, because this just means that you have to be smart about ingredients and what they can do for you. Because of this, I've decided to go with the Soap & Glory Radiance Boosting Mask . It boasts quite an impressive line up of ingredients, so I shall give you a quick run through of the main players and why they are so good. 


Key Ingredients

Vitamin C - This is essential for maintaining youthful skin and protecting it from premature ageing, which obviously, I am all about (arguably a little obsessed with at the moment ngl...)

White flower brightening complex - This comes from the combination of several white flowers such as tiger lily, chamomile flowers, peonies, lotus flowers, etc. This all work together to create a unique blend which brightens your skin to give you a naturally radiant glow, and who doesn't want that?! 

Rooibos tea extract - This helps to naturally prevent ageing through anti-oxidants, and being quite soothing to sensitive skin, which is always a bonus!

Gotu Kola extract - Another fantastic anti-ageing product to keep skin looking youthful and simply fab!

Flatterspheres™- Radiance boosters to help illuminate and brighten the skin

On To The Review! 

I followed the instructions; cleaned my face, made sure it was dry, and tied my hair back (a serious struggle when you have a fringe...)
So this is a cloth  mask which you put on your face, complete with eye, mouth, and nose hole. I was overwhelmed by the incredible smell of grapefruit when I opened the package, it was incredible.
The scent was fresh and fruity. I couldn't help but smile. The smell alone made me feel brighter and boosted, which is pretty impressive when you have two pieces of coursework due in next week! So, desperate to put it on and experience the boosting and brightening power of the mask, I unfolded it and placed it carefully upon my face.

The mask was well soaked in the formula and instantly gave your skin a hydrated feeling. I loved the cooling sensation, as though you could feel it working straight away. You get quite a lot of excess liquid in the little pouch, which was an initial nuisance, but then, not wanting to waste any of the product, I decided to rub the excess into the rest of my skin like my arms, hands, and neck! This was a brilliant plan because it became an all over luxury experience!

I left the mask on for 20 minutes as advised, and just lay down to chill out. Enjoying just being still and content. This in itself was a thing of beauty and should not be underestimated. This definitely played a role in making me feel so fantastic, just switching off completely from the world and soaking up all the goodness!

I'm going to be honest, I did not quite feel like a super model whilst wearing the mask (that came afterwards, believe me) but I haven't laughed so much in a while! This really isn't a downside though, I think that this is well and truly part of the fun of face masks. You do look a little silly, but it makes you feel blooming good about yourself overall! It is important to laugh at yourself sometimes, and realise that the world isn't just perfect pictures, and instagram filters, it is looking a bit daft and having fun whilst feeling fab!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really did love this product, from the beautiful and retro packaging, to the incredible way it makes you feel inside and out. I love the ethos behind the Soap & Glory company with their powerful stance against animal testing! So I am absolutely over the moon that their products are so brilliant. Since doing the mask, I have actually received several compliments about my skin, with people asking if I have tried something new! So now you all know my little radiance boosting secret!

These are currently £4 at Boots and are included in their 3 for 2 offer at the moment, so you could pick up a few bits as treats for your friends at Christmas (and maybe one for yourself, it is free after all!) I think that the price is really reasonable for what it is, and I think it is fab that Soap & Glory make skin care with genuine benefits affordable, and not just for the likes of mega celebrities!

Link to Soap & Glory website! 

Discount Code: This is for 20% off when you spend £15 or more on Soap & Glory on the Boots website, so go on and treat yo self!




  1. Omg this looks and sounds AMAZING!!! Deffo going to be using the code! THANK YOU!!!

  2. Love face masks, need to try this one next haha xxxx


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