Sunday, 29 October 2017

Tesco Free From Rocky Road Mini Bites

First Impressions

I'm going to be honest here guys. The mere concept of my favourite childhood treat, being turned into a vegan delight, is a little bit overwhelming. I mean, come on, they are claiming to have mastered, biscuit, chocolate, and marshmallow?! Combining them into these adorably cute, and bitesize pieces? I mean, come on guys, this is the kind of thing we vegans dream of!

The packaging is a tad basic. It does what it is supposed to do, the pieces came fully intact and super fresh, so it did the job. There was just nothing particularly exciting or fun about it, which is a bit rubbish, but I suppose that I would much rather substance over style!
There isn't much else to say here about my first impressions, other than the fact that they smell hevanely, so without further ado, onto the review!

Onto the Review

They are exactly what they say on the package. Indeed they are bitesize, something qhich I'm normally not the biggest fan of, because obviously, one is not quite enough. But due to the incredibly rich, sweet, and utterly divine chocolate throughout these bites, the size definitely works in their favour. I think that if they were any bigger, you would just be left feeling pretty sick after munching a fair few.
The texture is fantastic. Tesco really have managed to embody all of the flavours, textures, and overall feel of a rocky road - and if I'm honest, these tasted better than any non vegan version I can remember! The marshmallow was goey and chewey, just as you would want a marshmallow to be. I found this to work really well against the crunchy crumbly biscuit that formed the body of the bite, especially when combined with the juicy cherry pieces intermingled throughout.
Each bite was a little different, which just made the overall munching experience even better somehow! A little goes a long way with these, and they are great to enjoy any time of day.

Final Thoughts

I have a feeling that you know what my final thoughts on this is going to be, but I am going to say them anyway. I blooming love them! I really recommend that you try them (and let me know what you thought!) because I think that they are an absolute win from Tesco! I think that it really is great that they are making an effort for those who either make the ethical choice to not eat certain foods, and for those who have allergies and intolerances.

Rating - 9.5/10

Calories - 505 per 100 g

Buy Again? - YES YES YES!!!

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