Monday, 17 July 2017

Nak'd Cocoa Coconut Bars

For frequent readers of this blog, you will all be aware that I am an absolutely, MASSIVE fan of Nak'd as a brand. They never fail to impress me with their innovation, their flavours, and their overall ethos as a company. They bring out new products and constantly expand their ranges on a regular basis, never letting anything become stale, but without releasing the same thing just for the sake of it.

This time they have brought out a Cocoa Coconut bar. A classic combination which we all know and love, found in various guises and forms. A simple partnership, but effective when done well. Nak'd have ventured into this flavour area before, with their immensely popular Nibbles range. I thorouhly enjoyed that interpretation, so I couldn't imaine not loving the bar version.

And indeed, I blooming well did enjoy it! It tasted utterly delicious. The bar looked like a typical Nak'd bar. Brown, quite squidgy, but somewhat firmer than some of their other flavours. I suspect that this is due to the coconut for some reason or other, obviously this wasn't a bad thing and it had absolutey no impact upon the lovely flavour.
The bar had a good amount of flavour in every bite, hitting you with the fresh coconut sweetness, mixed with the slightly bitter cocoa taste. This was perfectly balanced in the way that it prevented the bar from being too sweet. They are surprisingly filling, and kept me going on a traumatic eight hour train 'adventure'. My boyfriend, in a state of absolute starvation, accepted my offer of sharing my Nak'd bar. He was a bit confused, having never tried them before. He seemed surprised by the flavour, and how natural it was with the coconut tasting so fresh and delicious. He liked the texture and reluctantly stated that he wouldn't mind trying another flavour, maybe a sweeter one.

So basically, like almost every other Nak'd product, I absolutely loved this and can't wait to munch my way through another few boxes...

Rating - 9/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 133
Buy Again? - Another box is already in my stash!

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