Sunday, 26 March 2017

M&S Hot Cross Bun Loaf

Hot cross buns, 
Hot cross buns, 
One a penny, 
Two a penny, 
Hot cross buns. 

Have you guessed what this review is going to be about yet?

I am the biggest fan of hot cross buns, may it be in their traditional guise of plain with fruit, or maybe a bit more out there and not even in bun form! M&S seem to be the ones to beat when it comes to limited edition baked goods over the past few years-unsurprisingly, this year seems to be no different. They have put out a wide range of fruit buns and loaves (sadly with only one or two actually being vegan friendly), so with such a limited selection, for once I found myself untroubled in deciding what to pick! 

What M&S is lacking in quantity they are certainly making up in quality with this loaf. The bread is incredibly fresh and soft, unlike many other fruited breads out there, which I feel have a tendency to feel a tad stale. The freshness of the bread worked well with the pieces of dried fruit, encompassing all of the flavours you would expect and want in a hot cross bun. 
They remained moist and juicy which made it a tasty treat at any time of the day. I loved this first thing in the morning with a steaming cup of hot coffee, definitely one of my favourite ways to start my day! 

I was impressed by the detail that was put into the loaf. It wasn't just fruited bread given the name of hot cross bun, they bothered to actually put the signature cross on the loaf. I know this is only a little detail but it definitely added to the overall loaf experience. 
Basically this is a delicious breakfast or snack to have, which leaves you feeling adequately satisfied and ready for Spring! 

Rating - 9/10 

Vegan - Yes 

Calories - 110 ish (I genuinely can't remember)

Buy Again? - Definitely

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