Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Perkier Cacao Cashew Bar

I am quite familiar with the Perkier brand, with its wide range of gluten free foods. I've always admired the way that they make gluten free products more accessible in supermarkets whilst not limiting themselves to this market. 
They manage to provide a wide variety of products ranging from porridge oats, to cereal bars, and much more. Most of their products are also vegan which always makes me happy, so I thought I would finally get round to reviewing this interesting little bar. T

his is similar in style to a cereal bar, probably because it is basically a cereal bar... Anyway, what makes it different from your Frosties cereal bar, is that it is loaded with vitamin E and antioxidants-- which we could all benefit from I'm sure! 
Thankfully, Perkier have also realised the important of having things tasting great whilst being nutritious. They have packed their bar full of flavour so that it doesn't feel like a chore eating it like health products have a tendency to do. 

The cocoa flavour is rather subtle so if you were expecting a chocolate bar then you will be in for a bit of a shock. Personally I prefer this as it gives me a feeling of health, like I am a zen goddess who drinks kale smoothies twice a day, when in reality I sit there eating two bars of chocolate a night with a vegan cornetto, but I digress. 

The bar is quite earthy and nutty in flavour, this works well with the crunchy chewyness of quinoa. This bar is surprisingly filling considering it looks quite small so I am quite impressed overall! 

Rating - 7/10 
Vegan - Yes 
Calories - 144 per Bar
Buy Again - Yes

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