Friday, 17 February 2017

Nak'd Lemon Drizzle Bar

Lemon is often a tricky flavour to play with. So many times have I eaten something lemon flavoured, for the word flavour to be an exaggeration! Instead, your tongue is left assaulted by citric acid so strong it could burn a hole through steel. If by some miracle this is not the case, then you are probably left wondering where exactly this lemon is. 

So, as I read about Nak'd Lemon Drizzle bar, you can obviously understand this feeling of cautious excitement and hope that I had building within me. Lemon Drizzle, when done well, can be a thing of beauty with its tangy sweetness, perfectly balanced to create a pure flavour sensation. But how well would this translate into a Nak'd bar? I was about to find out. 

As I opened the cheerful and rather snazzy yellow packaging, I was unsurprised to see the typical looking Nak'd bar. It was the incredibly fresh and zesty smell that surprised me--An enticing aroma to say the least! I bit into the bar with an unrivalled enthusiasm and was certainly not disappointed. The bar was fresh and moist and squidgy, just as a Nak'd bar should be. And the flavour was pretty darn good aswell, it tasted like an actual lemon drizzle cake. 

To say I was blown away, would be a good description of how overjoyed and shocked I was at this taste sensation. The citrus worked nicely with the subtle nuttiness of the base part of the bar, I really wasn't expecting this to work so well and compliment eachother like this, but they certainly did! The nuttiness was very subtle and created an almost cakey flavour. I don't know how Nak'd do it, some sort of sorcery I can only assume!

So it is safe to say, that once again, Nak'd have absolutely outdone themselves in terms of flavour innovation! I look forward to all future endeavours. 

 Rating - 9.5/10 

Calories - 133 per Bar 

Vegan - Yes 

Buy Again? - Yes! Yes! YES!!!

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