Monday, 27 February 2017

Aunt Bessie's Accidentaly Vegan Crumble

I used to absolutely love apple crumble. Tangy yet sweet stewed fruit, soft to the bite, covered in the syrupy fruit sauce that almost sticks to your teeth. Then the crumble. The buttery, moreish crumble which can warm even the hardest of hearts.

This my friends, is the food of the Gods. But a vegan alternative is hard to come by, and because I am frightfully lazy, I cannot be bothered making my own. I have a habit of checking the ingredients of almost everything new that I see in the shops in some vain hope of finding something accidentally vegan. More often than not this is a fruitless action, yielding absolutely no results. But, brace yourself my dear readers, because I have discovered something quite magical. 


 It comes in at almost 400 calories, which I'm going to be honest, did make me nearly keel over considering it is only a small pot. But I decided that I owed it to myself and my readers to try it. It was ready in less than two minutes which is was very impressed with, but in those two short minutes, the house was filled with the smell of baked apples and sweet buttery crumble. It was as though I had spent the day slaving over this dessert. I removed the crumble from the little black pot and left to cool for a bit and then tucked in. 

Reader, it was everything that you would want in an apple crumble and so much more. It was simply a delicious experience and tasted even better than I remembered it to be. Perhaps there is a degree of nostalgia playing into this, but I'm going to ignore that possibility, because that would detract from the puddings deliciousness. 

Rating - 9/10

Vegan - Yes! 

Calories - 393 per pot 

Buy Again? - Yes!

Friday, 17 February 2017

Nak'd Lemon Drizzle Bar

Lemon is often a tricky flavour to play with. So many times have I eaten something lemon flavoured, for the word flavour to be an exaggeration! Instead, your tongue is left assaulted by citric acid so strong it could burn a hole through steel. If by some miracle this is not the case, then you are probably left wondering where exactly this lemon is. 

So, as I read about Nak'd Lemon Drizzle bar, you can obviously understand this feeling of cautious excitement and hope that I had building within me. Lemon Drizzle, when done well, can be a thing of beauty with its tangy sweetness, perfectly balanced to create a pure flavour sensation. But how well would this translate into a Nak'd bar? I was about to find out. 

As I opened the cheerful and rather snazzy yellow packaging, I was unsurprised to see the typical looking Nak'd bar. It was the incredibly fresh and zesty smell that surprised me--An enticing aroma to say the least! I bit into the bar with an unrivalled enthusiasm and was certainly not disappointed. The bar was fresh and moist and squidgy, just as a Nak'd bar should be. And the flavour was pretty darn good aswell, it tasted like an actual lemon drizzle cake. 

To say I was blown away, would be a good description of how overjoyed and shocked I was at this taste sensation. The citrus worked nicely with the subtle nuttiness of the base part of the bar, I really wasn't expecting this to work so well and compliment eachother like this, but they certainly did! The nuttiness was very subtle and created an almost cakey flavour. I don't know how Nak'd do it, some sort of sorcery I can only assume!

So it is safe to say, that once again, Nak'd have absolutely outdone themselves in terms of flavour innovation! I look forward to all future endeavours. 

 Rating - 9.5/10 

Calories - 133 per Bar 

Vegan - Yes 

Buy Again? - Yes! Yes! YES!!!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Perkier Cacao Cashew Bar

I am quite familiar with the Perkier brand, with its wide range of gluten free foods. I've always admired the way that they make gluten free products more accessible in supermarkets whilst not limiting themselves to this market. 
They manage to provide a wide variety of products ranging from porridge oats, to cereal bars, and much more. Most of their products are also vegan which always makes me happy, so I thought I would finally get round to reviewing this interesting little bar. T

his is similar in style to a cereal bar, probably because it is basically a cereal bar... Anyway, what makes it different from your Frosties cereal bar, is that it is loaded with vitamin E and antioxidants-- which we could all benefit from I'm sure! 
Thankfully, Perkier have also realised the important of having things tasting great whilst being nutritious. They have packed their bar full of flavour so that it doesn't feel like a chore eating it like health products have a tendency to do. 

The cocoa flavour is rather subtle so if you were expecting a chocolate bar then you will be in for a bit of a shock. Personally I prefer this as it gives me a feeling of health, like I am a zen goddess who drinks kale smoothies twice a day, when in reality I sit there eating two bars of chocolate a night with a vegan cornetto, but I digress. 

The bar is quite earthy and nutty in flavour, this works well with the crunchy chewyness of quinoa. This bar is surprisingly filling considering it looks quite small so I am quite impressed overall! 

Rating - 7/10 
Vegan - Yes 
Calories - 144 per Bar
Buy Again - Yes

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