Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Quorn Fishless Fingers

Quorn have recently been making an effort to cater to their vegan fans. With their rapidly expanding range suggesting that this new venture has been rather popular! This is unsurprising due to the demand for it, and I’m certain that there was a petition floating about at one point…

 The latest addition to the vegan Quorn range, is ‘Fishless Fingers’. Now, to say that I was excited when I heard this news, is an understatement. I have never been a big fan of fish, the smell normally put me off it. Despite this, I do still get the occasional craving for fish fingers with lashings of tomato sauce… These cravings were finally sated thanks to the good people at Quorn, because, after many years of longing, Fishless Fingers have become available in my local Tesco! 

I didn’t really know what to expect from the taste or texture. Would the Quorn Fishless Fish have a flaky fish finger texture? Or would it be more of a traditional Quorn texture? Well, the answer to the question on everyone’s mind, it was a bit of a mixed texture. Flakier than regular Quorn, but definitely not as flaky as actual fish fingers. This worked well in my opinion, because I always found fish fingers to be too flimsy to enjoy fully, falling apart before you even got to munch them! 

The taste was another potential concern for me. What if it tasted too fishy and I couldn’t even manage a single finger? Or what if it just tasted like regular Quorn, which of course would be pleasant, but far from what I want from Fishless Fingers. All of this, and more, was going through my mind as I removed them from the oven. I prepared myself for the first bite—the moment of truth so to speak. And reader, I was not disappointed. They tasted brilliant, the fishy flavour was subtle and not overt, instead it tasted deliciously like a real fish finger, only better! The breadcrumbs were perfect and stayed on the fingers, they were crisp and had a good flavour to them, being more than just a crumbly decoration!

I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed these Quorn Fishless Fingers and I look forward to having them again!

Rating – 9/10
Calories -109 per 3 Fishless Fingers
Vegan – Yes
Buy Again – Yes!


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