Friday, 7 October 2016

Tesco FreeFrom Porridge Pot

Picture this. A chilled Autumnal morning, when the sky outside looks miserably grey, but the sun is clearly present yet you fail to feel its heat. You can't avoid glancing at what few bronzed leaves have been left cinging on the trees being furiously dragged in whichever direction the wind so chooses to take them, repeatedly, without their consent. Have I set the scene yet? Then I shall go on.
This is the perfect type of morning, in my own humble opinion, for a delicious bowl of steaming porridge to warm the soul and prepare you for the day. Especially a gruelling day of work or education (or perhaps even both!)But sometimes making porridge from scratch isn't quite feasible if you have to be out of the house in a rush so the recent development of porridge to go pots is wonderful. But until a month ago, I had never seen a vegan friendly pot before, so you can easily imagine my delight!

I couldn't actually wait until breakfast the next morning to try this, so being a little unconventional, had it as part of my lunch. It was simple to make, just boil the kettle, and pour it into the small pot, mix well and allow to cook. The result is rather good. The porridge is thick and creamy-the one and only way to have it of course. I personally enjoy my porridge a tad sweeter so I toddled back to the kitchen to retrieve a little sweetener. Then, it was undeniably perfect.
You really wouldn't be able to tell the difference between this and a pot of regular porridge, the oats are no different in consistency, texture, flavour, or the way that they work. Neither can you tell that it is free of dairy because it still tastes quite creamy.

I really do think that it is brilliant that supermarkets like Tesco are making the effort to cater to those who suffer with allergies, or simply choose to avoid certain foods due to ethical reasons, because why should you be punished or have to miss out on your favourite foods just because you can no longer tolerate them etc?

So throw away your misconceptions regarding porridge being nothing more than gruel, yes I mean you! And embrace the comforting revolution!

Rating - 9/10
Vegan - Yes (Also Gluten and Wheat Free)
Calories - 237 per pot
Buy Again - The ten already living in my cupboard suggest yes...

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