Monday, 26 September 2016

Vivani Vegan White Chocolate with Strawberry Bar

White chocolate always takes me back to my youth (I say this as though I am nearing 71 not 21) because of its sweet creamy flavour that was a staple part of our sweet cupboard in the form of Milky Bar. Unfortunately these days are no more as I now live the dairy free life, so instead I must search high and low for suitable alternatives to satisfy my sweet cravings.

I was starting to become quite disheartened in my quest for the elusive vegan white chocolate, and I was just about to give up when I stumbled across this bar at a local vegan fair. My prayers were seemingly answered in the form of this Vivani White Chocolate with Strawberries and Wafer Brittle. From the name alone I was instantly intrigued by this European chocolate bar. I knew very little about the brand so I thought that a bit of research was required, and obviously, I am going to share it with my lovely readers. 

What Is Important to Us

  • All our ingredients are organically grown and certified.
  • Cocoa varieties are of top quality and are used in an optimum ratio of mixture.
  • All other ingredients are of top quality, too. The vanilla we use, for example, is real Bourbon vanilla.
  • We deliberately exclude lecithin, especially soy lecithin*.
  • We do not use genetically engineered ingredients.
  • Each sort of chocolate has an elaborate recipe of its own.
  • The manufacturing process has been tuned to maximum conditions (intensive rolling mill treatment, longtime conching).
  • A perfect system of quality assurance guarantees a continuous high standard 

Now, onto the review! The chocolate bar is wrapped in silver foil for freshness and covered in perhaps the prettiest packaging I have seen in a while, the design is clear and easy to read and sets the tone for the whole brand as friendly but professional with a distinctly high quality feel to it, which I obviously appreciated.
Upon unwrapping the bar I was greeted by this creamy white bar with pink speckles scattered throughout, I preferred the bar a little melted as I think that is the only way that you can truly enjoy all of the chocolate flavours, but that is my own personal preferences so feel free to ignore it if you wish.
The melt on the bar was actually really impressive, something which dairy free chocolate often lacks. The smooth texture of the bar worked brilliantly with the crunch of the perfectly tart freezedried strawberry pieces and the chewy wafer brittle. I loved the contrast between all of the different flavours and textures and thoroughly enjoyed the way that they all stayed completely distinct wilst complimenting eachother.

 I can't get over how delicious this bar was, the taste was, dare I say it? Better than Milky Bar!

Rating - 9.5/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 573 per 100g
Buy Again - Certainly Am!

These are available at The Vegan Tuck Box

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