Monday, 15 August 2016

Nak'd Carrot Cake Bar

Carrot cake used to be one of my favourite cakes, it was sweet, nutty, fluffy, with a lovely flavour of carrot which cannot be beaten. But unfortunately, I have struggled to find any vegan friendly carrot cake near me so I have been left without. That was, until now! 

The incredibly talented people who work for Nak'd have once again outdone themselves with their healthy, vegan interpretation of a British classic. But does the flavour live up to my expectations? 
I can assure you my friends, it most certainly does. The flavour is fabulous, it is rich and nutty, with a delicious sweetness from the dates. The texture is stodgy and chewy and squidgy, just as you would expect from a Nak'd Bar! The carrot flavour is lovely and subtle with it bringing a slight earthy sweetness to it whilst not being too overpowering (something which is often a major downfall for carrot cake!) 

Overall I rather loved this bar, the light spices in it reminded me of the Christmas Pud bar which lets be honest, certainly isn't a bad thing! So enjoy this healthy alternative to an otherwise less than healthy cake! 

Rating - 9/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 148
Buy Again - Already have a small stash!

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