Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Marks & Spencer's Free From Chocolate

It's brilliant how supermarkets are expanding their own brand free from ranges, especially in regards to their chocolate selection! But I've always thought that Marks and Spencer's have been a little lacking in this department with only a few gluten free baked goods, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw one of the lovely people I follow on Twitter post these two interesting looking bars! Both are free from dairy as they are dark chocolate and contain little pieces of sugar crunchies (okay I'm not entirely sure what sugar crunchies are but let's go with it).

The chocolate itself is absolutely delicious, a rich dark chocolate with a smooth and creamy melt. But the issue I had was with the little mint pieces in it. I personally found them to be far too minty to me and it was like eating an intense mint, it wasn't sweet it was just very strong and it detracted from how lovely the bar itself was. It was strange that I didn't enjoy this more when I am such a massive fan of mint usually! It was still nice but I wouldn't say it is my favourite bar.

I put off eating this for ages because I was so unimpressed by the mint version,but eventually I managed to bring myself round to trying this and goodness me am I glad that I did because it was utterly divine! The chocolate itself was once again divine, but this time the crunchy pieces of orange were crisp and sweet. The bar was an absolute delight to eat and I can't wait until I have it again!

Rating - 7.5/10
Vegan - Yes

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  1. That Orange one sounds lovely, you can't beat a good orangey chocolate! xx


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