Monday, 29 August 2016

Marks & Spencer Apple Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns

Marks & Spencer's don't offer the greatest selection of vegan products but when you find something that is accidentally vegan, it is a truly beautiful moment.
I am a lover of hot cross buns and I thought I would chance it by checking the ingredients, minimal hope was in my heart, but to my immense surprise and joy there was absolutely not sign of dairy, or anything else derived from animals! So I instantly put two packs into my basket and promptly made my way to the checkout, whilst forgetting almost everything else I had been asked to buy through my sheer excitement... I did go back obviously because I am a good person and my mum wouldn't have been overly impressed if not!

The hot cross buns are so incredibly fresh it is unreal, they almost melt in your mouth. Even the crust is soft and moist! How is that even possible?! The dough is laced with juicy currents, sultanas, and deliciously wonderful Apple pieces. I really can't get over how good these are, they are lightly spiced so that they are warming yet not too overwhelming or strong. 
I am currently enjoying these as part of my breakfast and I have absolutely no regrets, they keep me full until a late lunch and I definitely feel satisfied.

Rating - 9.75/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 186
Buy Again - Certainly!

Friday, 19 August 2016

Alpro Coconut Soya Yogurt

I have written this delightful review for Adam, my newest reader who loves nuts in all shapes and forms, even more so than the honey badger! I eagerly await your views and response. 

I had a few apprehensions about this yogurt because I thought that it was going to be like a coconut milk yogurt, thankfully this was a perfect combination of soy and coconut so it was still light and fresh without being too rich or thick.
The coconut flavour was beautifully subtle so it didn't overpower you or taste soapy as things sometimes can. There was a lovely sweetness to it which made it perfect when paired with fruit or muesli or perhaps with some coconut shavings and dark chocolate sprinkles to make it an indulgent dessert experience. I can imagine that this would be rather delicious if used in making overnight oats or something like that. 
Basically I loved this yogurt and I am so incredibly impressed with this tasty offering from the fabulous people at Alpro. I bet even a great Commodore would approve!

Rating - 9/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 54 per 100g
Buy Again- Definitely!

Monday, 15 August 2016

Nak'd Carrot Cake Bar

Carrot cake used to be one of my favourite cakes, it was sweet, nutty, fluffy, with a lovely flavour of carrot which cannot be beaten. But unfortunately, I have struggled to find any vegan friendly carrot cake near me so I have been left without. That was, until now! 

The incredibly talented people who work for Nak'd have once again outdone themselves with their healthy, vegan interpretation of a British classic. But does the flavour live up to my expectations? 
I can assure you my friends, it most certainly does. The flavour is fabulous, it is rich and nutty, with a delicious sweetness from the dates. The texture is stodgy and chewy and squidgy, just as you would expect from a Nak'd Bar! The carrot flavour is lovely and subtle with it bringing a slight earthy sweetness to it whilst not being too overpowering (something which is often a major downfall for carrot cake!) 

Overall I rather loved this bar, the light spices in it reminded me of the Christmas Pud bar which lets be honest, certainly isn't a bad thing! So enjoy this healthy alternative to an otherwise less than healthy cake! 

Rating - 9/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 148
Buy Again - Already have a small stash!

Friday, 12 August 2016

Sarelle Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Wafer Bar - The Vegan Kind

I eat chocolate every night, and I think that is a healthy part of my diet. We shouldn't demonise food of any kind because it is all beneficial and doing you good as it provides calories. It is simply key to eat everything in moderation, an excess of anything can be dangerous. Rant over now sorry and on to the actual review!

I recently saw these in the shops and was instantly intrigued because I have never seen a bar like this that is actually vegan! It is a wafer like bar coated in dark chocolate, filled with a dark chocolate crunchy nutty mousse ganache thing. Okay, I know that my description isn't great but I promise you that it is utterly magical in every way shape and form. I am still in utter disbelief that it is vegan because it just tastes like a dark chocolate Ferrero Roche! It is a deliciously tasty treat to finish the day off with and I certainly recommend it to everyone who likes chocolate regardless of being vegan or not!

Rating - 9/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 179
Buy Again - Already have many times!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Marks & Spencer's Free From Chocolate

It's brilliant how supermarkets are expanding their own brand free from ranges, especially in regards to their chocolate selection! But I've always thought that Marks and Spencer's have been a little lacking in this department with only a few gluten free baked goods, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw one of the lovely people I follow on Twitter post these two interesting looking bars! Both are free from dairy as they are dark chocolate and contain little pieces of sugar crunchies (okay I'm not entirely sure what sugar crunchies are but let's go with it).

The chocolate itself is absolutely delicious, a rich dark chocolate with a smooth and creamy melt. But the issue I had was with the little mint pieces in it. I personally found them to be far too minty to me and it was like eating an intense mint, it wasn't sweet it was just very strong and it detracted from how lovely the bar itself was. It was strange that I didn't enjoy this more when I am such a massive fan of mint usually! It was still nice but I wouldn't say it is my favourite bar.

I put off eating this for ages because I was so unimpressed by the mint version,but eventually I managed to bring myself round to trying this and goodness me am I glad that I did because it was utterly divine! The chocolate itself was once again divine, but this time the crunchy pieces of orange were crisp and sweet. The bar was an absolute delight to eat and I can't wait until I have it again!

Rating - 7.5/10
Vegan - Yes

Monday, 1 August 2016

Nak'd Peanut Delight Bar

I really couldn't contain my excitement when I heard about Nak'd releasing several new flavours to their bar range, and this is the one I was undoubtedly looking forward to the most! I am a sucker for anything peanut flavoured, mainly because it manages to be the most perfect food to have both sweet and salty! This bar had a lovely nutty flavour with massive pieces of peanut in it which added a perfect crunch and texture to the bar. 
The flavour worked very well in bar form and managed to taste completely different to its Trek equivalent, which I thought to be a rather impressive feat! There was the tiniest hint of salt which worked nicely to further offset the sweetness of the overall bar.

This is a simply fantastic bar from Nak'd and I cannot wait to try the rest of the new flavours!

Rating - 9/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 149
Buy Again - Definitely!

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