Friday, 15 July 2016

Nestle Coco Shreddies (Vegan)

I am a massive fan of cereal, I have it basically every day with my vegan yogurt and bagel (I'm a greedy girl, what can I say?). But I was recently shocked to discover that many cereals which I had simply assumed were vegan are in fact not because they have the addition of lanolin in order to fortify them with vitamin d. 
So I did start scouring the Internet in search of easy to get hold of vegan friendly cereal and shockingly Cocoa Shreddies popped up on the list and were actually verified by Nestle as being vegan so who am I to argue?

I like to convince myself that I am being healthy when I eat Shreddies because of their whole grain goodness etc but in reality they are deliciously sweet with a good crunch and a nice hit of cocoa. I really do find these filling aswell, especially with only a 40g serving (normally I find cereal suggested serving sizes to be absolutely dire because surely not even a child would be suitably sustained on what is often no more than a handful of cereal?) anyway, I would probably say that that Cocoa Shreddies are probably my favourite thing to have with breakfast at the moment!

Rating - 8/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 149 per 40g
Buy Again - Yes!

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