Wednesday, 20 April 2016

New York Bagel Co Soft Knot Cinnamon Raisin Pretzels

I would like to start this review off with a bit of rather interesting information regarding cinnamon and its impressive health benefits. The lovely people at Nutri Inspector. ( has written a fantastic and comprehensive article concerning the health benefits of cinnamon. It includes details such as the complete history, benefits, nutrition, side effects and different types of cinnamon. I strongly urge you to give this a read! 

I'm going to be honest, I haven't ever had a proper pretzel before this week, only the crunchy little bite size ones, never the proper American style one, mainly because they haven't really been available in the UK before. So when I spotted these in Asda I couldn't help but pick up a pack, especially in my favourite combination of cinnamon and raisin. 
They have an absolutely amazing texture, thick and chewy and doughy, they feel indulgent and are surprisingly filling. I felt satisfied for hours after having one as a snack. The flavour was perfectly balanced, there was just enough sweetness in the dough to work with the warming cinnamon spicy and soft gooey raisins. I absolutely loved these, they were perfect for breakfast with a cup of coffee, or even as an afternoon snack to keep you going until your next meal!
They were best when toasted for about twenty seconds just so they are warmed through and the dough is soft and chewy.,

Rating - 9.25/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 147
Buy Again? - YES!!!


  1. I've been thinking of trying these for a while but they got such bad reviews on ocado I decided against it. Good to hear something positive about them so I might have to give them a go!

    1. same! All the Ocado reviews put me off but I'm interested now


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