Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Beloved Date Fruit Hearts with Zesty Orange

I'm always excited to try new things, so when I spotted these new little vegan treats in Asda I couldn't help but pick up a pack in each flavour! 
They are made almost entirely from dates with just a little bit of natural flavourings, in this pack there are five good sized hearts for you to munch on (I feel a bit like Hannibal Lector writing that but I assure you I'm not). 
They are a lovely idea and further carries on the theme of beloved, which I really like. I think I is really clever when companies actually commit to their branding, plus it adds a nice little bit of whimsy to the whole eating experience-or at least it does for me! 

The flavour is rather nice, it was sweet enough for you to feel satisfied, yet far from tasting unnatural which was good. The date flavour was a bit over powered by the orange I think, which was a little disappointing but in all fairness it wasn't bad, I just would have personally preferred for the dates to shine through a bit more as I absolutely love them!

The texture was squidgy and stodgy, and quite reminiscent of most other raw food bars, so a very pleasant experience over all! 
The packaging and presentation is absolutely incredible, seriously, I cannot fault any of it and I am really impressed with it. Fantastic product development from Beloved!

Rating - 7/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 105
Buy Again? - Yes

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