Friday, 19 February 2016

Inspiral Raspberry Coconut Pecks

Okay, I have been absolutely rubbish recently as my life has been crazy to say the very least so I have decided to write about twenty review that I can keep on back up and anything new that come out I will make it a priority to write about. So I am sorry for being useless, but this time I am back and committing! 

Today, the first of many review are these Inspiral Raspberry Coconut Pecks, initially I didn't really know what to expect at all if I'm honest, was it just going to be bits of coconut flakes with a few bits of freeze dried raspberries in it, I wasn't particularly excited by that prospect and as a result put off trying them for a while, but when I finally got round to them, oh how I regretted not trying them sooner!
They were such a unique flavour and concept, I have never had anything quite like this, it is like little coconut clusters combined with raspberry pieces and it is quite magical. They were crunchy and just really a delight to eat, now, the most important thing, the flavour is divine, it is sweet with a slight tartness from the raspberries, there was a lovely natural vanilla flavour coming through which I really liked. I let my friend have a try of them and he agreed with me, initially he thought it was a bit weird but after having a second he said they were really nice (or maybe he just wanted a sneaky extra piece haha!)

These are quite expensive for what they are but they are a delicious treat and are fabulously healthy so I can't complain!

Rating - 8.75/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 149
Buy Again - Yes

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  1. Back with a bang! I NEED these - Coconutter for life! :D xx


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