Monday, 1 February 2016

Good 4 U Super Bites

I am such a massive fan of Nak'd, they provide healthy, sweet, tasty, and nutritional products perfect for vegans and non vegans alike, but I am always open to trying new products who boast to have similar qualities. 
I had seen quite a few reviews on these from my favourite people, and I had seen how negative they had all been, and me being a fool thought, 'sure they can't be that bad'. Oh goodness me how I was wrong. They have to be some of the worst things I have ever eaten, they taste like dirt, there is no real sweetness, just this strange and unpleasant dirt like flavour to it. I understand that it is all natural and healthy but that doesn't mean that it has to taste horrible! 
It is things like this that give vegan food a bad reputation and it is infuriating because these are such a great and simple concept, they do different flavours from Nak'd so there is a gap in the market for these little 'treats' (a term I use loosely because these are anything but a treat to eat...)

Personally I wouldn't even bother buying these, they are only a few pennies less than Nak'd and with Nak'd you know that what you are getting is absolutely delicious and full of yummy goodness! Overall, I didn't enjoy these at all, I was tempted to give them to my vegan friend but I felt that would be cruel because of how awful they were. I am now somewhat regretting buying several packs of these now.

Rating - 2/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 160
Buy Again - NEVER

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