Monday, 29 February 2016

Douwe Egberts Caramel Coffee

I absolutely adore coffee, I used to have a really bad addiction and was drinking about three or four large mugs(equivalent of two regular mugs) of the stuff every day, but then I decided that I should really give it up because I was drinking it with about two sugars each time and I no longer slept. So I went about five or six years without a cup of the stuff, until I saw this little jar of Douwe Egberts Caramel Coffee. I was intrigued, it was the same calories as regular black coffee but with a caramel twist, could it really combine two wonderful flavours together to create a taste sensation or was it merely advertising to make you buy the same coffee that you always do for a higher price in a smaller jar?
I was wary of this but decided to treat myself regardless, when I got home I thought that the best way to sample it would be black, but if I'm honest it just tasted like regular black coffee, with perhaps the smallest hint of caramel, but I wouldn't say that it would be worth it to get, so I decided that to be fair I would try it with milk and sugar as I would normally take it. 

So I decided to make it with 200ml of almond milk, and a teaspoon of sweetener. It was actually quite delicious, the smell was so enticing and wonderful, even my mum who hates coffee said that the smell was amazing. It was rich and sweet with the warmth of coffee. The caramel shone through very well when combined with milk, and you could actually appreciate the taste much more. I now have a small cup of this every morning with my breakfast in order to perk me up enough to face the day!

I have a cup of this to someone who generally only drinks plain black coffee and he genuinely couldn't tell the difference, except that it had a slightly richer after taste, he said it didn't particularly make him think that there was anything different, just maybe a different brand to what he usually had.

Rating - 8/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 2 when served black
Buy Again - Now a weekly staple!

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