Friday, 15 January 2016

Tesco Banana Bliss Bars

I am a massive fan of Nakd bars but I do think that they can be quite expensive averaging in at about 75p a bar, and whilst I don't mind paying this much for such a delicious and high quality nutritional snack, it just isn't feasible to do all the time, especially because I eat several a day... 
Anyway, when I became aware of these tasty bars (courtesy of the incredible Amy) I couldn't wait to try them! I went straight to Tesco and bought a pack so that I could have one with my evening snack. I liked the packaging on the box how it clearly labelled that the bars were dairy free, because it is an absolute nuisance sometimes checking the ingredients to absolutely everything you buy, and even then you can still easily miss something! I am rambling so I shall get onto the important stuff, what it tastes like.

The flavour of the bar is absolutely lovely, it tastes very natural like a perfectly ripened banana with a nice nuttiness that rounds the bar off well. This is complimented by the texture of the bar, it was soft and squidgy with little crunchy bits scattered throughout which was particularly nice. Overall I can't actually fault this bar, it was delicious, filling, healthy, and an all round great snack! I would strongly recommend it to vegans and non vegans!

Rating - 9.25/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 87
Buy Again - Already Have!

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