Friday, 4 December 2015

Leaf Liverpool

Leaf is an integral part of Liverpool Bold Street, without it the street just wouldn't be whole, with its buzzing atmosphere and delicious range of food and drink you can't give it a miss! They offer a large selection of vegetarian foods and a generous selection of vegan varieties, so you certainly aren't short for choice here! 
They specialise in serving tea (as you will have worked out from the name...) and they certainly do not disappoint with their variety, there is almost a whole page dedicated to it so there is a flavour for every mood. 
I have tried the Oolong Green Tea and I can say that it is perhaps the best cup of green tea I have ever drank, perhaps that is because it was loose tea and of a very high quality? I don't know what they do but it tastes amazing.

Onto the food. Today I decided to play it safe and go with the Red Pepper and Tomato Soup, I thought that the soup may be a bit generic and bland in flavour but boy was I wrong! The soup was thick and full of flavour, it came out in this massive bowel with a huge slice of bread to go with it (I forgot to ask for it without butter so I couldn't eat the bread but it did look delicious!)
They have two other soups on the menu, both the regulars are vegan and they do a speciality soup of the day which could be vegan, it all depends on the day.

They also offer a vegan breakfast option which consists of two falafel sausages, roasted vine tomatoes, field mushrooms, baked beans and toast. There are several items that could easily be made vegan with a slight alteration of asking for it without cheese so don't be disheartened if you don't immediately see something vegan because you can always ask! 

I am a big fan of independent cafe's and things because I like to support my local businesses so I wanted to spread the word to all of my readers that Liverpool does have a lot to offer! 

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