Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Good Full Stop Vegan Bars

The very kind people of Good Full Stop sent me a lovely package of all their bars to sample and review. I love when this happens because it gives me the opportunity to try new things and share them with all you lovely people! All of the bars are vegan and are in the form of a raw food bar, they are moist, soft and squidgy. I loved them!

Choc Orange
This one had a very lovely cocoa flavour that worked well with the fresh and fruity citrusy orange. It reminded me of a Jaffa Cake a bit but a little milder and more cocoa flavoured.
I would definitely recommend this bar!
Rating - 8.75/10

Choc Mint
I am a massive fan of mint chocolate because I find it to be a refreshing combination whilst also being indulgent. The flavour of the mint was much stronger than that of the orange but that certainly isn't a complaint. I loved how minty it was without it tasting like toothpaste, the cocoa shone through nicely and pulled the who,e bar together. Very tasty!
Rating - 9/10

Double Choc
This was a simple and plain cocoa flavour which worked very well with the fruity goodness that makes up these bars. I really enjoyed it because it had the natural sweetness like the other bars with a slightly bitter flavour from the cocoa, but this was a really nice depth that it added!
Rating - 8.75/10

Cherry Maple
I was a tad sceptical of this flavour initially because most cherry flavoured things have a horrible medicinal quality to them and I hate it because I love fresh cherries! And I had never thought to pair it up with maple either but upon my first bite I realised that this was a perfect combination. The cherry was strong and natural, just how it should be which worked well with the sweetness brought to the bar by the maple. I think that this bar is great for anyone who wants a sweet snack whilst still being healthy!
Rating - 9.25/10

Mixed Nuts
I was a little sceptical about this flavour because I am not normally a fan of nutty bars because they can be quite bland and tasteless, but this bar was far from flavourless! It was sweet and nutty with a greatly moreish taste that left me wanting another bar! I was really impressed overall by the rich nutty bar.
Rating - 9/10

This flavour like all the others was absolutely lovely. The raspberry shone through very nicely and tasted natural and fresh. The bar itself was soft and chewy which simply added to the overall experience! Absolutely loved it!
Rating - 8.75/10

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