Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Egg Cafe Liverpool Review

Eating out can be quite stressful if you are vegan or sometimes even vegetarian with the only options ever being soup or salad. It can be so boring going out for lunch with my friends when all I can order is soup when they are having these incredible sandwiches and meals. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover this little gem located on Bold Street in Liverpool! 

The cafe itself is very rustic looking and you can't help but feel instantly welcomed when you enter through the heavy purple doors, the smell which greets you is lovely and warming, especially on a cold winter day. There is plenty of seating options for big groups or small so there is never an issue with that.
The staff are so friendly and obviously enjoy their job and that shows in the high level of service that you receive from them, service with a smile has never been more true!

Now, onto the food! Most if not all of their food is vegan, even their famous cheese on toast is available to be made with vegan cheese! The bread is so fresh and fabulously thick, it also comes with a delicious serving of mixed salad, and when I say salad I don't mean a measly portion of leaves with a few slices of tomato, I mean fresh pasta salad, bulgur wheat salad, and other lovely yumminess! The prices are very reasonable and you certainly get your money worth in both taste, quality and portion size.
They offer a different selection of specials every day so there is no chance of food being anything less than fresh, you can even see the cooks preparing the meals. They offer a great selection of vegan puddings and cakes with vegan custard to top them off with so even if you didn't fancy anything savoury there are still some good options available for you.

Overall I would urge anyone may they be vegan/vegetarian or not to go try this lovely little cafe, you won't regret it I can assure you. The food is incredible, the atmosphere is fantastic, and the service is sublime! 

Rating - 9.9/10

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