Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Propercorn Smooth Peanut & Almond Popcorn

Popcorn is easily one of my favourite foods (as you will have noticed from my excessive popcorn reviews...) So I jumped at the chance to try this brand new Peanut & Almond popcorn from the incredible brand that is Propercorn. 
First off I am going to comment on the packaging because it is honestly stunning. It is minimalist with a good helping of style. I just love it and I think that it epitomises the brand as a whole. 
I can't get over how unique this flavour is, I would never have thought of having nutty popcorn, and not just the obvious peanut, but the under-utilised almond too! Now, the only question is, does it live up to expectations? 
Well the short answer is oh dear lord yes! It surpasses my expectations. It is creamy and nutty as though you are eating nut butter with the delicious fluffy, bouncy crunch of popcorn. It is so well done, the coating is even throughout and there wasn't a single unpopped corn in any of my bags, which is really impressive because in some brands there is more unpopped corns that there are popped!  
This bag felt so indulgent, I can't believe that it is only 120 calories because it tastes so good! It is just divine and I love it. Plus, it is fabulously vegan! 

Rating - 9.75/10
Calories - 120
Vegan - Yes!
Buy Again - YES!!!


  1. Where could I get a box like this it is so amazing

  2. Where could I get a box like this it is so amazing


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