Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Nak'd Strawberry Protein Crunch Bar

Nak'd is quite easily one of my favourite brands out there. They offer such a wide range of products, each with a delicious and often innovative flavour to them. But whilst having such a healthy reputation, they still manage to taste so incredibly good. This is what I live about them, they dispel the myth that healthy food can only be bland, flavourless, and boring!
So that's enough preaching from me, now onto today's review- Nak'd Strawberry Crunch Bar and this is what Nak'd have to say about it.

Our Nākd Strawberry Crunch bar is every bit as yummy as you would expect from smooshing real strawberries together with fruits, nuts and protein crunchies, resulting in a seriously satisfying texture and long lasting tingly sweetness. What makes our new Crunch bars so special is the protein that we pack into each and every one of them, providing an irresistible crispy crunchiness that keeps you fuller for longer. With 100% natural ingredients, no added sugar or syrups and free from just about everything that could cause a fuss- including being free from wheat, dairy and gluten, this is a gorgeously yummy and nutritious snack that we’re sure you’ll love!

The bar is a little smaller than the other bars, it weighs only 30g rather than the usual 35g but if I'm honest, you can't really notice the difference because it looks just as big and it is still as filling so I really wasn't too bothered. 
The crunchy bits in it are really good because they add an interesting texture to them which helps to set it apart from the usual bars.
The strawberry flavour was lovely, sweet, and easily identifiable as naturally strawberry, something which is quite rare for most foods. 
Overall I loved this bar and enjoyed it with my breakfast, I felt full and satisfied until my lunch several hours later so I would strongly recommend this bar!

Rating - 8.5/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 107
Buy Again - Definitely!

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