Saturday, 10 October 2015

M&S Souper Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soup

I really dislike soup. Like, I seriously hate everything about it. It has no real consistency to it, it is often like water, and it normally smells strange. So you will probably be thinking, ‘Why oh why is she reviewing soup if she hates it so much?’ But friends, stick with me here and do continue reading my review for it is fraught with twists and turns that would put even Agatha Christie to shame! 
I began off as a sceptic, I didn't even want the soup but my mum had kindly bought it for me as a treat because the weather is getting colder. I was far from excited at the prospect of having soup for my lunch. 
I put it into the microwave with plenty of reservations, but these seemed to slowly fade away as the smell of paprika and spice creeped through the kitchen, I felt myself warming to the idea of this soup, I thought, at least it will taste okay.
The real change happened when I poured it into my pretty bowl and I was engulfed by the tempting aroma and I was shocked at just how thick it was, with massive chunks of sweet potato and loads of black beans and red peppers. My eyes lit up and I finally began to feel excited at the prospect of my lunch. This excitement only increased as I took my first spoon full. I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed this soup, it was incredible. It was laden with vegetable and a thick and satisfying chilli sauce. There was enough heat to add a kick but not so much that it made it an unpleasant experience. 
Overall I absolutely loved this soup and I would definitely consider having this soup again and I would even venture out and try some other soups from Marks & Spencer’s!

Rating – 9/10
Vegan – Yes
Calories – ?
Buy Again - Yes

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  1. Omg how can you not like soup!? I have soup for Dinner, several nights a week.. New Covent Garden are my faves - Defo check them out in the fresh section, usually by the ready meals (Well thats where they are in my Tesco!). Soups certainly aren't the tasteless watery stuff they use to be! :D xx


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