Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Twining's Fudge Melts Green Tea

I really do enjoy green tea, but it isn't to everybody's taste because it can be quite bitter, but the wonderful people at Twining’s have found a solution to this problem by infusing the classic taste of  green tea with the modern favourites such as Fudge Melts. I was a tad sceptical, because how can they combine these two flavours together which are usually worlds apart?
But somehow Twining’s manage this beautifully. The flavour is subtle enough that you can still taste the green tea, but you can still enjoy the indulgence of creamy, rich, and caramelly fudge. The smell is simply heavenly and even had my mother wanting to try a cup (despite her hating green tea usually). The fudge flavour is so authentic and natural tasting, this also helps to get rid of the bitter after taste. It also helped that I have finally learnt how to brew tea correctly! My best tip is not to squeeze the tea bag, instead just pull it out without squeezing it because that is where the bitterness comes from.

Rating – 9/10
Calories – 1
Vegan – Yes
Buy Again – Yes!

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