Wednesday, 30 September 2015

IQ Chocolate

As you will have noticed from my reviews, I eat a lot of chocolate, and you know what? I don't care, because I eat a really healthy diet and I am allowed a treat at the end of the day before I go to bed. So you can imagine that when I came across this brand of chocolate that boasted a menagerie of health benefits, I just couldn't resist trying it! They are all dairy free, nut free, gluten free, vegan, and low GI so the main question is, can something so healthy taste any good?

Well the answer is yes, but be warned, this chocolate isn't for the faint of heart or for those that see Dairy Milk as the perfect bar, because this is as far from Dairy Milk as you can get. The flavour of the cocoa is raw, it hasn't been processed or sweetened, it is an acquired taste, I myself wasn't a huge fan, so I decided to split the bar with my Dad and he couldn't get enough of it, he said that it was the perfect addition to his cup of coffee and that you only needed a few squares to satisfy your need for chocolate. It was a little bitter but somehow still creamy in a way. It was a nice change from my usual evening snack and it was good to know that I was eating something so full of healthy ingredients so there was no reason for me to feel guilty about enjoying this bar. The coffee flavour was probably my favourite but that is because I have a soft spot for coffee, I particularly enjoyed how there were pieces of raw coffee in it, it added a lovely texture to it.

Rating - 7/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 197
Buy Again - Probably

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