Monday, 24 August 2015

Natural Balance Foods Protein Trek Bars

The most annoying question you get when you become a vegetarian and even more so when you are a vegan, is where do you get your protein from. This is the first thing people ask you and it is absolutely infuriating because there are so many plant based sources of protein and as humans we don't actually need as much protein as we are led to believe, but anyway, whenever someone mentions protein bars, my thoughts automatically turn to  Natural Balance Food's Trek Protein Bars . And once you have tried them, these will be your go to protein bars, they are not exclusively for vegans or athletes, so if you like what you have read and fancy a change, then go to the website and pick up a mixed case today and find out your favourite, so follow the link and check out the whole range of Natural Balance Protein Bars .Here is a bit of information about Trek bars.

With 10g of protein per bar, these beauties are at the top of the sports nutrition food chain! Made with a delicious combination of fruits, gluten free oats and nuts to keep you going, these healthy snacks are ideal for refuelling after the gym, and they also make great breakfasts on the go. Try one and see for yourself!

Banana Blast

I really enjoyed this flavour, it had a lovely subtle and natural banana flavour to it, something which is rather rare, there is also hints of cinnamon which worked really well with the banana. Overall I really loved this bar and can imagine it would be really nice when heated up in the microwave with lashings of (vegan) custard on top!

Berry Burst

The berry flavour came through very well, whilst still maintaining the nutty sweetness that one would associate with raw food bars. I can't get over just how natural these bars taste and I think that it is a testament to Natural Balance for making these so healthy and delicious!

Cocoa Chaos

Now I really liked this bar, but be warned, if you are expecting something that tastes like a bar of Dairy Milk then you will be disappointed because this is cocoa flavoured not chocolate. The flavour is more earthy than the others but that is something which I really enjoyed, I like the taste of raw cocoa. Overall this is a good bar but don't go in expecting it to taste like a brownie.

Peanut Power

This was my absolute favourite, it tastes just like peanut butter and I love it. It isn't overly sweet which I think works very well here because this prevents it from becoming cloying and unpleasant. It is an excellent source of energy and I can imagine that this would be fantastic for anyone in need of a boost in energy.

Natural Balance Protein Bars

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