Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Dark Mint Chocolate M&M's

M&M’s are a brand that I often about as they aren't suitable fir vegetarians because of a food colouring called E120, so you imagine my shock and glee when I checked the ingredients if these only to realise that it did not contain it! My mum had bought me these as a treat from American Soda, I was still a tad wary so googled every ingredient just to confirm that it was indeed safe to eat and indeed it was. I enjoyed these as part of my evening snack and I was very excited to try them because I often find myself in a bit if a rut eating the same things over and over again.
They were dark mint chocolate coated in a crispy candy shell, the chocolate was lovely and wasn't so dark that it would alienate regular chocolate fans, the mint flavour shone through very nicely and reminded me of Benedict’s Mints. 
Overall I really enjoyed this treat, it was nice to have a bit of variation from my usual! 

Rating – 9/10
Vegan – No
Calories – 210
Buy Again? – Yes 


  1. Yummy! These sound delish :) I always wanted to try the carrot cake flavour ones they did a few years back but have never seem them anywhere! :(

  2. Seen* Why can I not type properly? Its becoming a serious problem lol!


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