Thursday, 11 June 2015

Sugar Free Hartley's Apple Jelly

When I first became vegetarian I avoided all jelly products, I didn't even think it worth looking at the ingredients because I simply assumed that they would contain gelatine. Obviously i knew that vegetarian gelatine existed, but I didn't think that a major company such as Hartley's would use such a product. On a whim, I decided to just double check the ingredients, and to my great surprise, they were indeed vegetarian (or at least a few flavours were, which I will also list at the end of this post).
Now, onto the review! I opted for the sugar free apple flavour which comes in at a fabulously low seven calories. Initially I was concerned that because of this lack of calories it would taste awful and nothing like apple, but I was wrong. The flavour is really sweet and tastes a lot like apple, there is a good wobble to it and tasted best when freezing cold right out of the fridge. Not that big a fan of it when warm but I don't like jelly at room temperature so this is a personal preference.

Rating - 8/10
Calories - 7
Vegan - Yes
Buy Again - Indeed

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  1. I remember trying a larger watermelon flavoured one of these and it was one of the grimmest things I had eaten.. EVER. I don't like warm jelly either - Its got to be ice cold to the point where it hurts your toothies haha :)


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