Friday, 5 June 2015

JJ's Sea Salt Cocomels

I am rather impressed with the concept of these caramels, I never thought that you could have vegan caramels because I thought that milk was a key aspect of it, but I have been proved wrong! These are made by an American brand called ‘JJ’s Sweets’, they specialise in vegan caramels and even offer dairy free chocolate coated caramels. Unfortunately, because they are American they are quite difficult to get hold of and the only stockist I am aware of is the Vegan Tuck Box. 
Anyway, onto the review! The caramels are soft, gooey and stick to your teeth in a way that reminded me of being little and eating all of the toffee pennies in the Quality Street tub. They had a distinctly coconut flavour to them (obviously due to the fact that they are made with coconut milk), and I really enjoyed it as it added an interesting twist on the classic flavour. The sea salt had a very subtle impact on the overall flavour, but it worked well and added a depth to it.
Overall, I was really impressed with them and regret not picking up a pack in each flavour!

Rating – 8.75/10
Vegan – Yes
Calories – 35 per Cocomel
Buy Again - Yes


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